Do you want to make sure you get the Gazette?

“I didn’t see that article” is a comment we hear frequently from readers.

Gazette logo Black and redThe Gazette is an on-line newspaper that you can get delivered right into your mail box just as soon as it is published.

Many readers have made logging into the site something they do every day – others come in and see what’s going on a couple of times a week.

We have  lot of people who go south for the winter and they come on line to see what has happened in their hometown.

At the bottom of each story there are two small boxes – they are beneath the section you make a comment if you are so inclined.

If you want to get the Gazette automatically – scroll down to the bottom of any article.  You will see two small boxes underneath the space where you can make a comment.

Click on the lower of the two small boxes – we drew a red oblong rectangle around the one you need to put the check mark in.

Gazette New posts notificationYou do need to make a comment – be polite and if you don’t want your comment published just say so.  All comments are moderated.

Once you have entered a comment click on the Post Comment  box and it gets sent to us.  Make sure you put the check in that lower box.

You will then get an email asking if you really want to be notified when a new story is published.

Tell them you do – and zippo – you are a regular subscriber – and the news will be delivered to you automatically.

News that matters, news that puts what happens in your city in context with an approach intended to ensure the people who serve you are accountable to you.

It was the Gazette that broke the story on the Air Park bylaw abuses.  It was the Gazette that followed the construction of the pier – the one we built twice and paid for both times.


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2 comments to Do you want to make sure you get the Gazette?

  • Zaffi

    The Burkington Gazette’s delivery method is terrific.
    I simply have to open up my inbox and the articles are there just waiting for me. I never miss an article.
    Makes life so simple.

  • d philip

    So happy to hear council is considering spending millions on bike lanes for cycle clubs with no user fees attached. This is good news for other clubs/individuals who use facilties like sports fields, pools, gyms, that the City owns and paid for. Since no user fees will attached to bike lanes for cycle clubs (easily spotted in their fancy riding outfits), it will set presidence and require all user fees to be waived.
    Ontario laws require cars to give room to bicycles, so why do we need separated lanes in addition.