Early readership survey results show some surprises on how well the five new Councillors are thought to be doing in their first term

By Pepper Parr

October 14th, 2021



We are in the final ten days of running a readership survey.

Some interesting responses.

A few days ago we published a piece on what people thought about the size of the current city council.

Today – we want to show what readers thought when we asked which Council members had shown the most growth.

Those numbers might have a few council members re-thinking their chances of being elected Mayor going forward. At least two the Gazette knows have said they like the look of the Chain of Office.


The choices surprised us. We will need to match up which wards the responses came from to make the data more relevant. The Gazette’s view, garnered from more than four years of watching these people was quite a bit different.

The data we are showing here is from survey results collected in the first few days of the survey.

It will be interesting to see what there is in the way of changes once the survey is closed.

It would be very difficult for any one person to respond to the servery more than once – unless they used a different computer each time

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4 comments to Early readership survey results show some surprises on how well the five new Councillors are thought to be doing in their first term

  • Bonnie

    It is interesting to me that this survey asks questions about the new council members, the size of council and the split between regional/municipal council members but does not ask about the performance of the Mayor. The answer to that question would certainly be of interest.

    Editor’s note. Next time Bonnie

  • Elan

    Another fun tidbit. Guess who was the only councillor advocating for council to return to Chambers to field in-person delegations? No not the Mayor. No not Rory Nissan. No, not Kelvin Galbraith, no, not Paul Sharman, no, not Bentalvania, yes..Stolte. She seems to feel, 18k at the ACC signal the need for civil servants to show up for their taxpayers.

  • Dave Turner

    What was the sample size (number of respondents to the survey) ?

    When was it published? I must have missed it. Darn it.

    Editor’s note: The complete survey has not been published yet. Portions of the survey will not be pushed – they are seen as of interest to the Corporation and not the public.

  • Mr Bean

    I did the survey but I don’t remember this question. How exactly was it phrased? I may have given incorrect response 🙁

    Editor’s note: The article had an exact copy of the question that was asked. We know nothing about the people who did the survey other than the information they provided.