Emergency Coordination Group - how they are organized and when they report to Council

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April 19th, 2020



City Manager Tim Commisso’s life has been boiled down to a single word – Risk!

Commisso stare

City manager Tim Commisso

Everything he looks at is seen through a single lens; it is as if he is wearing a monocle.

Every decision is – what is the risk of doing something or the risk of not doing something.

His one job is to ensure the city provides the services needed to keep people safe and that staff provide the services needed to keep the city operating. It is a challenge.

Few have much in the way of an idea as to just how complex this is.

Commisso runs the show. His word is the final word. He listens and takes advice but at some point he has to make a decision and be held responsible.

He doesn’t always get it right. He had to learn to open up and ensure that members of Council were kept in the loop – aware of what was being done and why.

He is now giving Councillors a report each week.

He has the best people on the city payroll available to him at that virtual table – they communicate as a group twice a day – all by telephone.

The Mayor is reported to be the backup and takes turns chairing the Emergency Coordinating Group (ECG)

The two charts below show the ECG organizational chart that was created March 17th.  The detail quality is poor – we have asked the city for a graphic with a higher resolution.


ECG structure
Commisso has set out the timeline he plans to follow in reporting to Council.

CSSRA is the acronym for the Corporate Services, Strategy, Risk and Accountability Standing Committee that is chaired by Rory Nisan with Paul Sharman as the vice chair.
Reports to council

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  • Penny Hersh

    If Mr. Commisso has final say can I ask why this is taking place?

    Angelo Bentivegna Ward 6 posted a job.
    April 17 at 11:45 AM ·
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    We are looking for volunteers to signup and help clean up, as well as a few people with trucks who’d be willing to take the garbage bags to the dump on the Tuesday following each week’s clean up.
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