Emerging artist completes a watercolour collection - wants to try doing something similar with acrylics

artsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

July 6th, 2021



In the art world you look for that promising undiscovered artist and buy their work because you like it and wait for the value of the piece you bought to appreciate.

Making some money is nice but the satisfaction of discovering the artist on your own and making a purchase, maybe a couple, and waiting – and of course enjoying the art for the beauty and talent that spoke to you is what art collecting is really all about.

Lana H&S

Lana Kamaric

I have been watching a young artist for a number of years.  I first met her at the No Vacancy event that took place in the Village Square a number of years ago;  she was standing in the doorway to a space where her work was displayed.  When she saw me she darted out and said: “You’re Pepper Parr and I have a bone to pick with you.”

I’ve forgotten what it was she was unhappy about – but I admired the chutzpah and kept in touch.  From time to time she would send me samples of her work.

She is into what I call science fiction comic books – she calls it something else.   She celebrates The Fourth and likes to dress up as if were Halloween.


Kamaric at event - wild

Lana Kamaric on the right at the 2019 Fan Expo.  She is part of the Steam Punk Bat Gang

Kamaric recently sent us a collection of watercolor works – there were nine pieces in the collection.  Several of them impressed me and I wondered if they would be shown anywhere.  Then I wondered – is there a space in Burlington where the work done by emerging arts can be displayed.  Things are in a mild state of chaos at the AGB – maybe when things settle down the idea can be chatted up.

Kamaric explains what she has been up to: “I accidentally painted a watercolour series.


“Focus” on paper 12 inches x 12 inches. All the watercolours are the same size

“This was a concept I was thinking about a year ago and couldn’t quite figure out. I’m fascinated by the subconscious mind and how it shapes our conscious decisions and wanted to explore that. I now realize the problem was the fact that I was actively thinking about it with my conscious mind. It wasn’t until I stopped thinking and started painting that the idea took shape.

“I was three paintings into the series before I realized what I was doing. What began as an experiment in watercolour portrait techniques quickly became a dive into the human psyche.

questions misplaced

“Questions misplaced”

“Watercolours are rebellious and don’t always do what they’re told, but that’s also what makes them fun.

“You can swim upstream and struggle to reach your destination or you can surrender to the current and see where it takes you. This series reminded me to trust the process because it always ends up somewhere interesting.

“I’m currently revisiting the portraits with acrylics to see how the medium will shift the outcome.”

You can reach Lana at lanakamaric@gmail.com.  If you like her style and are interested in her doing a commissioned portrait – she will take your call.

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