Engaged Citizens of Burlington now need to find out if there really is support to appeal the city council decision to approve a 23 storey tower opposite city hall.

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May 24th, 2018



It is just a matter of days before Carriage Gate can begin the process of changing what downtown Burlington is going to look like.

421 BrantCity Council approved the document earlier this week and – except for the 20 day wait that is needed – Carriage Gate can pick up their building permit and begin the demolition of the properties that are on the north side of James, east side of Brant as far up as the Wardell Insurance office.

ECoB, the community group that has opposed the height and density the development was given is asking the public what they think about what has been approved.

The group – Engaged Citizens of Burlington has been looking into a possible appeal of the decision city council made and now wants to find out just what there is in the way of support for an appeal.

The site to get your two cents on the record is right here: CLICK:

Engaged Citizens of Burlington is a not for profit group working towards a better Burlington for generations to come. Working on behalf of citizens with the City of Burlington and other stakeholders in the civic process, we are particularly engaged with issues of planning and development.

Through our online and community presence we help build awareness on issues affecting Burlington residents and the community as a whole.www.engagedburlington.ca

ECOB Dec 13 #3

The first public meeting ECoB held drew more than 100 people on an evening that had snow on the ground.

We are a growing diverse group of residents and business people who want only the best for Burlington. The group is energized to bring voices and action from all areas of the city to challenges that will affect the quality of life for our citizens today and in the future.

The response to the survey will help ECoB determine if they have the support from the residents needed before engaging in an appeal of 421 Brant St.

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2 comments to Engaged Citizens of Burlington now need to find out if there really is support to appeal the city council decision to approve a 23 storey tower opposite city hall.

  • The new council needs to impose a moratorium to quell the rampant developers who are only interested in the almighty dollar. This city needs to retain its charm, history and character or otherwise we will become another bland, sterile concrete jungle like Mississauga and Toronto.

  • Susie

    I am definitely supportive of the appeal should my question have a positive answer: The City Hall which includes “our, supposed representation” by each Ward Councillor (minus one), along with the Mayor (minus one), who whole heartedly voted for this monstrosity, “dwarfing them” forever, and setting a size and height precedent for all other hi-rise developments forthcoming. They have NOT ACCEPTED RESPONSIBILITY FOR SUCH ACTIONS, and don’t plan on doing so, leaving us as “lame ducks”!! Most disappointing experience of leadership that I have encountered, and all for the mighty $$$$$$$$$$$$$ – we are only a number, and “O” appears to be our number in their books. All of the ECOB members deserve medals for their endurance – keep up the good work – someone/somewhere will hopefully come onboard to mandate changes to the OP.