Extensively and expensively upgraded, Pump House in the Beachway is once again empty.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

July 7th, 2017



It was a good idea at the time and was one of the few achievements of the now defunct Waterfront Advisory Committee that had been formed by then Mayor Cam Jackson in 2010.

Today the building has a broken window at the front and is boarded up on one side.

The Pump House, a building that went through a major, and expensive upgrade, was available for rental.

Many hoped it would be used as an upscale coffee shop but the best the city was able to do was find someone who wanted to use the space as a rental facility for small watercraft and beach umbrellas.

Pump House - BeachwayA Beachway resident who walks the waterfront most mornings notes that the building stands empty, looking a little derelict and forlorn between a busy children’s park and the Snack Shack pavilion.

Much of the beach has been eroded by high lake water levels – thus no traffic – there isn’t much beach for people to use.

The business that was in the Pump House has called it quits and moved their operations to Binbrook.

The Punp House was once a residence after it was no longer used to pump water for the city. The city is now looking for a commercial operator to put the structure to a new use/. A coffee shop/wine bar is a favouritwe choice for many - the city wants to keep their minds wide open on this one. Got any ideas?

The Pump House was once a residence. Note the railway track in the foreground.

People want to know what will become of a building that used to have a perfectly dry basement and was once actually a residence that was yards away from a rail line.

Beachway Chld-Fest-2013-Family-sand-castle-1024x733

This beach is now underwater – nothing from the city on what the long range plan is to cope with the higher water levels.

Beachway - Masterplan Fire Circle

A concept picture of what planners thought could be done with the Beachway – then the water rose.

The city and the Region are currently working on extensive and expensive plans to remake the whole of the Beachway community – coping with Mother Nature apparently wasn’t work into the scope of the work that would be undertaken.

Councillor Cravem inspecting the Pump House on the Beachway - thinks the place could sereve as the Official Residece for the Ward Counillor

Councillor Craven inspecting the Pump House on the Beachway – thought the place could serve as the Official Residence for the Ward Councillor

Not a word, so far, from the ward Councillor who once said the Pump House could perhaps become his constituency office.

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7 comments to Extensively and expensively upgraded, Pump House in the Beachway is once again empty.

  • astheworldturns

    Mike, I am confused…can you kindly explain your interpretation of “Willing seller/willing buyer” and how you feel it is the same as expropriation. Surley, the readers here are also wanting clarity in detail from you…not just opinion. I remain concerned by the optics that you point out that Craven would not be safe if he made the old pump house his office. Very serious allegations!!

  • Astheworldturns


  • Astheworldturns

    You are incorrect. No expropriation…it’s all in black and white.
    Are you trying to say that Councillor Craven isn’t safe? Very serious comments by you.

    • Mike Ettlewood

      Oh I’m definitely not advocating anything, whomever you are, and it was entirely ‘tongue in cheek’ whomever you may be. “Willing seller/willing buyer” is just expropriation by another, ridiculous name – kinda like “Astheworldturns”.

      Point is he’s not liked down there and for very good reason.

  • Penny

    Once again a decision made to spend money on a property in an area where no business could ever survive. One has to wonder how council and staff felt that that this was a good idea.

    The taxpayers money being spent to upgrade the Joseph Brant Museum is the next in a long line of ill thought through decisions.

  • Anna

    The Burlington beach rentals website seems to indicate they plan to be back if/when the water levels go down and the beach returns. Can’t really blame them for relocating given the lack of beach! That said, my last walk down there it looks like most of the sand has been washed away so there might not be much of a beach left even if the water recedes.

  • Mike Ettlewood

    Given his treatment of the BeachWay residents and his support for the Region expropriating their homes, Mr. Craven had best install bunkers, tank traps and 7/24 security if he plans to relocate his constituency office to the Pump House. I’d love to see it.