Falling snow took precedence over fallen leaves.

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November 12th, 2019



Leaf collection has been suspended until the snow has been cleared.

Schedule adjustments, if any, will be posted on the city web site and in the Gazette

Clearing the snow of the streets has those heavy trucks pushing a snow plow.

Snow plows - tandem on Fairview

Depending on the need heavy duty trucks can be used to plow snow.

The city’s snow fighting team was ready for the forecasted early blast of winter and snow. Once that snow is no longer an issue and the temperatures warm up to seasonal norms the leaves will get any attention they need.

The forecast was for 15 cm of snow for Burlington.  It came in at closer to 20+; as a result, the City is declaring a significant snow event as of 6 p.m. this evening. All parking exemptions are cancelled and there is no on-street parking after 6 p.m. tonight and until the city declares the significant snow event has ended.

Many of the leaves on the streets might get taken up with the snow – a possible savings for the leaf collection budget.

Leaf collection 2017 truck

Now it is used for leaf collection.

Residents wanting to remove their leaves can either use them as mulch on their lawn or garden or bag them for Halton Region’s yard waste pick-up.

During the winter season, the City of Burlington maintains 1,900 lane kilometres of roads and 850 kilometres of sidewalks.

• If a snow event is announced, all parking exemptions are cancelled and there is no on-street parking until the snow event has been cancelled.

‘• Do not leave vehicles parked over the sidewalk while in your driveway as this can prevent the sidewalk plow from completing its work.

• Do not shovel, plow or blow snow from residential or commercial properties onto the road. This poses a hazard to motorists and is prohibited by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and City bylaw.

• Snow plows need room to clear the ice and snow. Please stay back 70 feet as sand and salt may be dropping from the trucks. This also gives you room to stop safely.

• Give snow plows plenty of space at intersections. The snow plow may need two or more lanes to turn or to get through the intersection. If a snow plow is waiting to turn left at an intersection, do not pull up and stop underneath or in front of the wing plow (the plow attached to the right side of the truck). Your vehicle could be struck by the plow when the truck pulls forward.

Mark Adam, Manager of Road Operations said: “Snow removal will always take priority over loose leaf removal. When the snow comes, all available resources are focused on making the roads and sidewalks safe. The cold weather is expected to last several days. We will be watching the weather and will announce when the loose leaf collection will resume.”

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