Festival lights being prepared for installation. Can snow be far behind?

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November 1sty, 2018



It gets dark earlier, more of a chill in the air and Halloween is behind us.

The Downtown Business Association used to support this effort financially - they had to cut back - Burlington Hydro took up the slack. So what is is that BDBA does for their members?

Will the same Sentry’s be set up on Lakeshore Road this year? FEstival lights will be put in Place November 13th and 14th.

That means we now move into the Festive Season – which means the lights will be going up along the Lakeshore Road side of Spencer Smith Park.

Festival of Lights - set up

One of the many volunteers who show up every year to install the lights in Spencer Smith Park.

A lot of people are doing a lot of work to have everything ready for installation on November 13th and 14th.

Watch for it.

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