Fifteenth annual Art in Action tour - this weekend.

artsorange 100x100By Pepper Parr

November 3rd, 2017



They have been doing this for fifteen years.

It has become a bit of an institution for those who appreciate the arts.

The Art in Action tour begins again this year on Saturday the 4th and continues on Sunday the 5th. 10 am to 5 pm. Each of the nine locations are usually clearly marked.

During the tour you will find yourself crossing paths with people you met earlier in the day – it’s a really pleasant way to make new friends.


Map with locations of the nine tour stops.

You will meet artists and you may find yourself buying something during the tour or you might decide when you get home that you did like the piece of art and want to make a purchase.

In the past we have had notes from people who saw something they liked and asked if we could put them in touch with the artist.

cat losier

The Cat – it spoke to me. Done by Claudette Losier

I saw a postcard of a painting that I liked – the painting wasn’t part of the exhibit. I was intrigued by the work – and met the artist sometime later and asked where the original painting was – “In my house” she explained. “Would you like to buy it” The painting is now in my home – still haven’t decided how I want it framed. That cat speaks to me.

Get the cat in here.

Keeping something alive for 15 years and watching it grow is no small feat. The Art in Action people scrounge and find sponsors. For the past number of years they have awarded a scholarship to a budding student – some of whom grow to the point where they take part in the tour.

The artists are there to sell their work – but they do a lot more than that – they take the position that they want to grow the number of people who see art as an important part of their lives.

Don Graves, Burlington artist, helped to et the city to look at the plight of a starving artist a little differently. He got half a loaf.

Don Graves, showing a piece of his work to an interested patron. She bought it.

Don Graves sees his role as teaching people what art can come to mean in their lives – watching him show a small painting to two women a number of years ago and letting them get comfortable with the work before they bought it – and buy it they did.

Stained glass artist Teresa Seaton is a force to be reckoned with in Burlington's cultural community. She will have a lot to say to the people developing a cultural plan for the city.

Stained glass artist Teresa Seaton at her work table.

Some of the artist’s work at their easels or tables during the tour. Teresa Seaton is often seen putting together a stained glass piece while people look on.

There are 27 artists showing at  nine locations. Some new faces and some we have seen before and want to see what they have done in the past year.

More detail on the Art in Action web site Click here.

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