First day of the Sound of Music Festival goes off without a serious hitch - weather holds and the beer flows.

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June 20, 2015


The Kick Off took place, the parade was held and the Pan Am flame was lit on the Sound of Music stage – that means the festival has begun – right?

Brant street getting ready

The restaurants set out their chairs believing it isn’t going to rain – and it didn’t. Brant Street becomes a place with no cars – where people take things easy.

The length of the Sound of Music Festival is no longer as clear as it used to be – something to think about when they begin planning for next year.

For 2015 – it’s going to be a great show. During the day it is very much everyone in the family event. The evenings get set aside for the younger crowd.

The pictures tell the story.

SoM slam dunk starts

She was giving it her best shot – and she made it.

SoM climber

It was a tough climb – tougher than this young man expected – he didn’t make it to the top

SoM whose beef

Does the man with the butcher shop know about the guy parked right outside his door?

Vendors waiting for customers SoM

Vendors line all the walkways offering every imaginable taste bud treat and toys you didn’t think existed. The bubble gun attracted our attention.

Looking FROM the west

The Ferris wheel is in place, the crowds are gathering and the Sound of Music is about to begin – weather is holding wonderfully.

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1 comment to First day of the Sound of Music Festival goes off without a serious hitch – weather holds and the beer flows.

  • Zaffi

    Burlington’s waterfront festivals were a big factor in my deciding to downsize and move to the core last autumn. This was the first time I got to really take in the SOM. Heard some terrific musicians perform and had a great workout doing it, 12K steps on Saturday over two trips out to meander around.

    I hope SOM continues with the ticketed Kick Off event. The band roster was top rate. If I had taken the time to look at the website sooner I would have bought tickets.

    For years I went to Toronto’s Beaches Jazz Festival in the 80s & 90s. SOM is much better. More space to walk around unlike 100’s of peopke being squished on the sidewalks. Qew Gardens Park can’t compete with the size of Spencer Smith Park.
    The bubble gun takes playing with bubbles to a new level. My 1 year old granson saw his first bubble show today. I bought one last year at Canada Day so I bought two more this weekend. after years of going to the CNE I ate my very first funnel cake last night. Not bad and with just cinnamon sugar on it.