First the Queen - then The Donald: both are now owners of Foxcroft 40 whistles.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

May 7th, 2018



We all know who Ron Foxcroft – the whistle guy.

Foxcroft and the Queen

Ron Foxcroft with Queen Elizabeth II – she now has a Foxcroft whistle.

The guy that got himself into Buckingham Palace and presented one of his whistles to Queen Elizabeth II and convinced her that it would get rid of the Canada Geese that ere fowling her lawns.

The guy is shameless – he took his wife Marie with him – she had to learn to curtsy – which she did very well.

She did a curtsy to convince me that she knew how to do one properly.

Once you’ve presented a whistle to the Queen not much further up the food chain you can go.

Don’t underestimate Foxcroft.

He managed to get one of his whistles into the White House where it was used at a White House event.

Here’s the word we got from Foxcroft – “Donald Trump has a Fox 40 Safety Whistle to start the White House Easter Egg Roll.

TRump letter to Foxcroft

The President now has his Foxcroft whistle.

WE ARE SAFE now that DONALD has a Fox 40, Made in Canada.”

And Foxcroft has a letter to prove it.

He did it kind of sneaky. The whistle was sent from the American office of the world wide Foxcroft operations. Apparently Foxcroft didn’t want to upset the NAFTA negotiations.

Don’t think for a minute that Foxcroft won’t eventually get one of his whistles into the hands of the President of the United States of America.

The Queen has one – The Donald is next!.

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1 comment to First the Queen – then The Donald: both are now owners of Foxcroft 40 whistles.

  • I would not expect the Queen to have anything but the BEST!
    Thus it is only fitting that she too has the Fox 40…..after all it is the best whistle in the world you know…..only in Canada……Pity!
    Of course the Fox 40 is international and is THE whistle of all major sports and sporting events world wide! Way to go Ron…I hope our PM has a Fox 40 especially if the Donald has one!