Flags at city hall - when do they get lowered?

By Staff

October 7th, 2021



A reader wrote asking why the flags at city hall were always lowered – it seemed that way to him.

City has a policy for lowering flags.

It goes like this:

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4 comments to Flags at city hall – when do they get lowered?

  • Mozelle Cole

    In my opinion, a flag represents a country, fallen soldiers, war and peace.
    We have flags for everything here. I have asked the City on several occasions to kindly indicate on each pole what the flag represents. Kids and tourists have asked me what is what. I do not know. When flags have been lowered, I’ve walked into City Hall to ask who died and have been given the incorrect information, which I have forwarded on, only to be corrected by another city as to why our flags are at half mast… still no signs up.

  • Penny Hersh

    Totally agree with those commenting. The lowering of flags should not just be for “the flavour of the day”. In Burlington this has become “the joke of the day”

  • Eve St Clair

    The flags have become a joke as every cause that the Mayor supports gets one . The only flag that matters is the Canadian flag

  • Mr Bean

    Lowering the flag is meaningless if lowered all the time 🙁