Flood relief money making its way to victims; partial payments averaging $9000 +

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February 18, 2015


As of today the Burlington Community Foundation Flood Disaster Relief Claims Committee (DRC) has reviewed 88 claims with 77 of those being approved for some amount.

Throughout the first quarter of 2015, interim claim payments are being distributed and once all 310 claims are assessed, the committee will determine final payment amounts and disburse final cheques with a goal of completing the process by April 30.

FLOOD - basement - stuff floating

Funds raised within the community and matched by the province on a two-for-one basis are now being distributed to victims.

The Foundation has paid out a total of $696,000 which would work out to a little over $9000 per claimant – with more to follow when the Claims Committee has determined what is left and available for distribution.

“We are extremely pleased to report that many victims of the August flood have started receiving cheques to assist in their recovery efforts,” said Colleen Mulholland, President and CEO, Burlington Community Foundation. “The response from those who have received compensation has been extremely appreciative.”

Flood BMO at the vault

National banks were a major source of funds – they did a lot more for the city than several major corporations that do very good business in Burlington.

Ryan and Amy More’s home and lives were devastated by the flood in August. They received their first cheque from the Flood Relief Fund and were overwhelmed with appreciation. “My wife and I are so appreciative of everything that our Burlington community has done for us to help build our lives back,” said Ryan More. “We feel blessed to have such great neighbours and to live in a community that cares. This financial support is a tremendous help and we would like sincerely thank everyone who contributed.”

The Claims Committee continues to meet every two weeks to process each claim.

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