Flood relief cheques will begin to go out next week; just 50% of approved claims being paid now - balance to follow.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

January 13, 2015


The flood is history – the problems left are financial.

The Burlington Community Foundation is going through the 310 applications for financial assistance. Twenty two (22) have been approved and another 30 will be cleared this Friday.

Flooded basement

Funds for those people who had basements flooded will begin to be sent out early next week. 52 of the 310 claims have been processed to date.

Once a Claim has been approved by the Claims committee it gets sent to the city and they issue the cheques on behalf of the Community Foundation.

Claims totaling $6 million have been received – the amount available for distribution is $2.9 million. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out people are not going to get what they were asking for in the way of financial support.

Those claims that have been approved, which will be paid out by the city, will see just 50% of the amount they will be given. The balance will be paid during the last week of the claim settling process.

The Claims committee has to figure out how they are going to spread the $2.9 million they have to distribute to the $6 million in claims that has come in.

Going through the claims is the task that gets managed by four volunteers working with the insurance adjuster hired by the Burlington Community Foundation to oversee the work done by the four Claims Committee volunteers; Mark Preston, Bruce Russell, Rick Burgess and Nancy Swietek.

Flood Insurance Bureau photo op

It was community organizations that came through as well as individuals who raised just under $1 million in 100 days – a remarkable feat.

In the early stages of the fund raising campaign there were relatively few claims being submitted. It wasn’t until the last couple of days that people got their documents in – more than 100 during the last two days. Many people deeply involved in the fund raising and claims processing are still shaking their heads wondering why so many people waited until the last few days to submit documents.

Every nickel of the funds raised in the community is being distributed to the people who suffered from the flood. Every dollar raised in the community is being matched by $2 from the province’s ODRAP program.

The administrative costs are being picked up by the city as are the costs for having the Red Cross do all the work they did.

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