Food Bank does NOT have people going door to door selling chocolate bars

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October 7th, 2020



The people at the Burlington Food Bank were asked if they were selling chocolate bars door to door to support the Food Bank.

They are not doing this – “this has not been approved by the Food Bank so please don’t purchase these chocolates! We would never do something like this – especially during covid! Imagine”.

While Marie-Hélène Mongrain from La Crème de La Crème Creamery was volunteering and showing appreciation to our volunteers this morning – her store in Hamilton was broken into!! Steven was there and is looking after clean-up.

Emma with her stash

Emma does the Picks for Creme de La Creme – her parents are strong supporters of the Food Bank

In August, Emma’s Pick ( a fund raising idea for La Crème) was successful in raising $460, that’s 460 cones! They also donated $250 in groceries to the Burlington Food Bank. Today, Marie was volunteering (she and Steven are regular volunteers with us) and donated a box of chocolates for every one of the volunteers in appreciation for their dedication in serving the community.

Their Emma’s Pick is specifically designed to support local charities. La Creme always focuses on either feeding those in need, LGBTQ support or underprivileged youth. In just 3 seasons they have raised thousands of dollars in support of these initiatives.

Emma’s Pick of the Month sprang from their youngest daughter, when they started the company she was too young to work at the store so they involved her on the charity side, creating the different cones.

She chose S’mores for August for the Burlington Food Bank and it was obviously a BIG hit with the community in many ways.

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