Freeman, Freeman, Freeman: They need your help; September 10th. 17th or 24th - all three if you can.

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September 5th, 2016


There is an event in this city that takes place once we are into the fall season – we show off – or rather we show our stuff.

This year, the general public will have an opportunity to see what a group of very dedicated volunteers have done with a railway station that is an important part of the city’s history – a structure that sat on cribbing and was about to be demolished and sold for kindling.

A hearty band of volunteers fought city council’s shameful inertia and found a home for the station and began the process of renovating and refurbishing the structure.

Freeman - west side inside wall

Allan Harrington with a paint brush – an upgrade form his profession as a “bean counter” on th left. The station Master’s office and the ticket wicket on the right.

October 1st is Open House for a number of locations in the city. For Freeman Station it is the first time the public is going to be able to walk through the place and see what a local train station looked like in the very early 1900’s

They are doing a superb job – but it isn’t completed. They face two challenges – 1: to be ready for their Open House and 2: to begin to close the structure in before the cold weather sets in – all the signs are that we are going to have a beaut of a winter.

Sitting on some "cribbing" with a sign badl in need of several coats of paint, the Freeman Station gets ready for its big move.

Sitting on some “cribbing” with a sign badly in need of several coats of paint, the Freeman Station days before it was moved to its new home.

Can you help out?
They need help to clean up the baggage room and portico, to install wood siding on the back outside walls, painting both outside and inside, as well as many other jobs to get the station ready for winter and Doors Open on October 1st. Everyone at the Freeman station is a volunteer and we really could use your help.

Volunteer Work Days, September 10th, 17th and 24th

We need your help even if you are only available for a few hours with only one month before Doors Open and we want to put our best foot forward. Come on out and help us get ready, work on the station, our artifacts, and a myriad of smaller tasks to get ready for Doors Open Burlington on October 1st. Bring work gloves and wear old clothes.

Freeman - view from the south - volunteers needed

Looks a lot better today than it day 18 months ago – but it isn’t ready yet for public viewing – help out of out can.

To alert us to your skills, please email to let us know that you are coming.

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