Gallery 2 gets off to a fine start: Anne More and Cheryl Miles Goldring bring a new art destination to the city

artsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

October 19th, 2015


When Teresa Seaton opened her Stained Glass studio on Spring Garden Road a couple of years ago, a stones toss from the Royal Botanical Gardens – some thought there was the promise of a small cluster of art locations developing. The Seaton Gallery was right beside the EdRoy gallery which and the opportunity for some growth looked as if it was going to fade.

CGold show - more work with viewer

Anne More’s piece is on the right.

Yesterday Cheryl Miles Goldring and Anne More opened Gallery 2 and displayed a very nice collection of the both their own work and that of other artists.
The flow of visitors was consistent during the afternoon – what to make of this newest arrival to the art scene in the city?

Cheryl, who was chair of the Art Auction Committee for the Art Gallery of Burlington last year, is coming into her own rather nicely. The exhibition of her work from a Newfoundland tour was well received – now we are watching her develop the commercial side.

Cgold viewer

Work by Anne More on the left and a piece by Cheryl Miles Golding, second from the right, is appreciated by a viewer during their opening event on Sunday.

Anne More, who brings her own experience to the venture, studied under Gordon Harrison with Cheryl – a Harrison piece was shown at the opening exhibit. Just under a year ago Anne and Cheryl talked about renting the space that EdRoy had vacated; after working out some of the wrinkles they dove in and held their opening event on Sunday.

CGold with friend

Cheryl Miles Goldring listening to Catherine Brady.

Anne wants people to understand what real art is: “I am constantly amazed at how little people know about how art is made.” Tough words from a woman who taught art with a Board of Education for a number of years.

Art is a business as well as a passion – and business means selling something to someone. There is a perception that original art is very expensive – and it can but doesn’t have to be. Anne has been involved in a number of sales that had payment for the art being made over a period of time. “If you like some of my art” Anne will say “make me an offer.” Her work has been shown at Art231 in Hamilton

Anne More with camera and back pack

Anne More on a field trip.

Cheryl sees the Gallery 2 as a place where they can focus attention on local artists who don’t get much of an opportunity to show what they have in a setting that was designed for the public and not done as an afterthought in a restaurant.

The Gallery 2 opening included work by Donna Fratesi, Pierre A. J. Sabourin, A. J. Van Die and Wayne Moore and Don Greaves.

The Gallery 2 intention is to mount new art every month – something this city has not seen in some time. Now the challenge of promoting the location begins

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