Gazette editorial cartoonist announced - has the Mayor in his sights.

The Gazette has its own editorial cartoonist.

Mike Allen, a Burlington resident who draws, teaches guitar and works in the music equipment business will be providing a visual look at events in the city of Burlington.

Sept 20-18

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5 comments to Gazette editorial cartoonist announced – has the Mayor in his sights.

  • Mike Allen

    Hey folks, thanks for the support. Will be looking forward to doing another cartoon. Although I haven’t received anything from the editor Pepper Parr about when he wants another one.

    Editor’s note. Mike and I had a conversation earlier today in which we set out how he creates his cartoons. Mike is an artist – he is a creative person and it is not my role to tell him what editorial cartoons are to be about. Mike intends to read the Gazette and find something he would like to do an editorial cartoon on. He has offered to run the idea by me. My role is not to tell him what to do a cartoon about – my role is to ensure that he doesn’t go beyond the lines of decency and that he never forgets the role of an editorial cartoonist – he role is not to cartoon what he thinks people will like. His role is to use cartoons as another form of opinion – his opinions.

    • Mike Allen

      Cartoonist’s note to editor’s note: I appreciate Pepper’s confidence in me and willingness to unleash my creations into the world. I tend to see my role as to capture the weirdness. And there sure is a lot of weirdness in the current political shenanigans. From buildings that stick out like 18-storey sore thumbs to incumbents who don’t dare show their faces at debates to mayors plotting to take over surrounding towns. The cartoons practically draw themselves. Stay tuned!

  • Tom Muir

    Love it!

    Who’s next?

    Maybe put Sharman in Cardinal dress, dispensing indulgences and dispensations to forgive himself for his self-declared entitlements to evade open forum citizen public accountability, and then to disparage these same citizens by blaming his deeds on some of them.

    Maybe you can line up all the evaders of open public accountability who choose to blame their evasion on other citizens. They are all doing the same thing, with him in the lead showing how.

    It’s not my fault they say – it’s theirs.

    What a crock!

  • Kurt Koster

    Looking forward to Mike’s cartoons. Lots of material to choose from this election.