Getting tested for COVID19 at the hospital

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March 25th, 2020



We are all working at keeping our distance from others; going out only when it is necessary; washing our hands regularly and listening to the news to stay aware of a very challenging and changing set of circumstances.

What happens if you feel you may have symptoms – and think you should be tested,
You have to fall within the parameters set out by the Regional Heath people.

If they think you should be tested this is how it happens.

A Gazette reader advises that he and his wife went in for testing last Saturday.

No results yet.

– We arrived at Jo Brant for our appointment time

– COVID-19 Testing is done on the Northshore side of the Hospital where the old Emergency Department Exit was.

Rose parking spot

Assigned parking spot

– You pull up in your car to a designated parking spot.

– The Doctor contacts you on your Mobile Phone. Asks you to come in and touch nothing.

– We walked to the door where we were greeted by a very nice fully gowned Nurse.

– The nurse handed us a Face-mask and instructed us to use the provided Hand Sanitizer.

– You then enter a highly sanitized room (So sanitized it causes the stethoscope to corrode)

– They proceed to take your temperature, Blood Pressure, O2 levels and assess your breathing with the Stethoscope.

– You are then asked to lean back and the Nasopharyngeal swab is shoved up your left nostril so far it seems like it tickles the bottom of your brain.

– We were then instructed to wait 48-72 hours for our results. (Obviously this SLA that has something to do with the testing is hard to achieve)

We wish our reader well with the test results.

They did let them go home.

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