Griffin Gervais gets his name read into the record in the House of Commons.

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October 29th, 2016



There is time during each day that Member of Parliament get to say something about their community.
Last week Karina Gould rose in the House to tell her 338 colleagues about a remarkable young man named Griffin Gervais. Gould said:

Madam Speaker, on October 15, I had the opportunity to celebrate one young boy’s determination in revitalizing an important space in his community.


Griffin Gervais with his parents

Eleven-year-old Griffin Gervais was disappointed that his baseball diamond at Lakeshore Public School was in rough shape and not scheduled for an update. Rather than just accept the fact, Griffin decided he would lead the effort to repair the diamond.

Starting last January, Griffin with the help of his family, classmates, his community, and the city of Burlington’s neighbourhood community matching fund, raised a total of $12,000. Today, with two updated benches, new chain-link fencing, and a freshly mowed field, the Lakeshore Public School baseball diamond now looks better than ever.


A smartly laid out baseball diamond behind Lakeshore Public school.

Griffin’s story is one that is truly inspiring and shows that individuals can make a impact on their community if they set their mind to it. I thank Griffin for all of his hard work. I was proud to attend the grand opening and to see him throw the first pitch on the field.

Bandits - Gould opening pitch

Burlington MP Karina Gould throwing the opening pitch at a Burlington Bandits baseball game.

Gould by the way is no slouch on the baseball diamond either. She got it right across the plate – which is more than can be said when the Mayor was asked to throw that opening pitch.

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