Group opposing an application to enlarge Nelson quarry has an August 21st date to meet,

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August 9th, 2020



The citizens at CORE Burlington are relieved to hear Premier Doug Ford state emphatically (regarding the proposed Campbellville quarry) that: “no one wants it. I don’t want it. We’re going to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

The CORE Burlington people hope the Premier might be as generous with his comments when the time comes for a decision on the license application Nelson Aggregates has before a JART (Joint Administrative Review Tribunal) that has now deemed the Nelson application complete.

CORE graphic of quarry site

The graphic sets out what the license application is all about. The quarry operator wants to turn the site over to the public to be turned into a public park

The time line for that Administrative Review is set out below.

The schedule now looks something like this:

JART will now retain peer reviewers for independent assessment of technical studies.  As those reviews take place, there will be technical questions asked of the proponent and technical responses sent back

Once this dialogue winds down, JART prepares a report that summarizes their technical reviews and anything outstanding – this is expected to take about a year

The governments and agencies then use the JART report as the basis for a study of how the project conforms to their own policies.

These reports are then brought to councils for consideration.  The agency and city review is about a six month process.

CORE August dateThere is another timeline that CORE wants to bring to the attention of people – the closing date for “official letters” from the public regarding Nelson’s application.

The citizen-volunteers at CORE Burlington are asking you to PLEASE send an email to the City of Burlington, before Aug 21 to make sure your voice is counted in this “approval” (or more accurately stated, disapproval!) process.
Written comments from the public will play an important role in the City’s decision to approve or refuse this application.

Email your opposition to Brynn Nheiley, Burlington City Planner at:

CORE is asking people who do write to cc so they can thank you and retain a copy of your letter in their community database.

Your letter does not have to be professionally crafted or long. It can be short and to the point.

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