Hip concert at Spencer Smith on Saturday will be preceded by an hour of Olympics coverage. GO shuttle will be operting

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August 17, 2016



It is going to be a “twofer” that is two things for the price of one.

And when the one is free – this is an occasion you don’t want to miss.


The Tragically Hip have spent a lot of time on the road in a bus – they will play in Kingston on Saturday and be simulcast across the country.

The final event of the current cross country tour is being done by the tragically Hip from their home base in Kingston, Ontario and is being simultaneously broadcast to a number of cities across the country.

Burlington is one of them.

With the Olympics eating up a lot of television time – the CBC has decided to start the broadcast an hour early – it was originally to begin at 8:30 pm

It will now start at 7:30 pm with the first hour devoted to Olympic events.

This just might mean that the comments local politicians will want to make might get skipped – that would be nice.

The evening is an opportunity to pay homage to a band that as a significant part of the lives of a major demographic – it is also an opportunity to pony up with some of your cash and support the cancer research that may someday come up with a way to treat the cancer that for Gord Downie is terminal – the cancer research people have made tremendous strides – let Downie you know you are going to do your part.

It is going to be an emotional evening.

Gord Downie - sitting

Gord Downie

Bring your lawn chair/blanket, water bottle & cash/credit for donations to our local charities for brain cancer research and treatment.

Volunteers will be circulating to collect cash; credit card donations will be processed at two booths at the event.

People can also donate in advance.

Joseph Brant Hospital cancer clinic

Canadian Cancer Society – Halton Branch

The city is making it easy to get to the event – they suggest you leave the car at home – finding a parking spot will be a challenge – and take the GO train and use the shuttle bus that will run from the Burlington GO to Spencer Smith Park until 1 am – which gives you loads of time to grab a brew and a bite at one of the local hospitality establishments in the city.

“Tragically Hip Shuttle” is available from Burlington GO station, north side, from 6 pm to 1 am.

This is an alcohol-free, family friendly event that will proceed rain or shine.

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