Holiday Market Closed early on Saturday due to high winds

By Pepper Parr

December 12th, 2021



Mother Nature howled – people were sent home

It was unfortunate.

Mother Nature turned on the people who worked hard to make the Holiday Market in Downtown Burlington a success.

It was windy most of the day but when the wind topped a light standard and crashed into a couple of cars it was time to send everyone home.

Light standards topped damaging cars – Holiday Market was shut down

Next door at Village Square traffic was decent – Lola’s was doing a booming hot chocolate business; protected by the buildings the decorations stayed up.


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1 comment to Holiday Market Closed early on Saturday due to high winds

  • Carol Victor

    It was a great opportunity to buy some unique items and feel reasonably secure in an outdoor environment…
    One of the vendors told me that she has never sold items 8n Burlington before but was delighted to meet such receptive and pleasant customers.
    Thanks to the organizers for bringing people to the downtown area and for providing us with a different Christmas shopping.experience.