Hospital construction now at level 4 - live camera lets you look at the work being done any time of day.

jbhhealthBy Pepper Parr

September 26, 2015


It takes the EllisDon Construction Team an average of three weeks to pour concrete and form the columns for one level of the new patient tower.

JBH construction site Sept 26-15

The view of the construction site as seem from the Earth Cam Saturday September 26th. There is a link to the camera in this story. Bookmark it and drop in to see how the construction is doing,

This means that in just a few months we can expect to see the slab for Level 7 completed, before the winter weather is upon us. The before and after photos show how fast the tower continues to rise.

The construction of the Level 4 deck has started and will continue over the next couple of weeks.

Level 4 is a double-height space there is no Level 3.

Eight elevator shafts from Level 1 to 2 are finished and shafts from Levels 2 to 4 are in the process of being built.

Three main stairways have been completed up to Level 2. The stairways from Level 2 to 4 are being constructed over the next couple of weeks.

The micro piles for the bridge that will connect the parking garage to the main hospital building will be installed by the end of this week. A micro pile is a mini version of a caisson (a structure that is drilled down to bedrock to support the bridge).

A new ramp on the Level 1 balcony in the courtyard area of the hospital has been completed.

Masonry work and roofing continues on the loading dock.

A new bulk oxygen tank arrived last Friday and will be installed in the loading dock area.

JBH old hospital ward

There are many people in this city who remember hospital rooms that looked like this. The move to four patients in a room was seen as a huge advancement.

The hospitals of today are eons away from what a hospital used to look like. People will be taken aback when they see just how attractive and modern looking the new hospital rooms are going to look like.

The hospital administration decided they would create mock-ups of what a Patient Room, Emergency Department Exam Room, Trauma Room, Intensive Care Unit Room and an Operating Room will look like

The mock-up rooms are being built in a warehouse off-site and are nearing completion.

JBH September 10, 2015

This is where the construction crews had gotten to on September 10th.

The construction site has a camera that is live all the team showing the new patient tower as it rises. The photograph shows where the site was on September 10, they are certainly growing.

How are they doing so far – Click here.



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