How To Write Kick-Ass, Profit Pulling Adverts For Your Business

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January 5th, 2017



How To Write Kick-Ass, Profit Pulling Adverts For Your Business

Doesn’t that just grab you by the eyeballs and make you stop dead in your tracks? I mean it’s a little harsh – grammatically speaking – but holy smokes, it does it have ‘stopping power’…

Jonathan Cairns dives at Sandycove in Dublin, while Rachel Armstrong awaits her turn December 25, 2008. You Witness News/Fiona Brophy

Diving right inPhoto byFiona Brophy

Now I’ll share with you a few secrets for creating good adverts. So let’s dive right in because we’re all busy people 😉

First you need to be introduced to AIDA.

– A stands for ATTENTION, as in get some or you lose your chance

– I stands for INTEREST, as in now keep me interested.

– D stands for DESIRE, as in ok, make me want what you’ve got.

– A stands for ACTION, because people need to take action for something to happen.

Got it? That’s all there is to it…Easy right?

If it were that easy we’d all be rich and you wouldn’t need marketing consultants like me. Truthfully, just invest a few thousand hours studying, read all the classic books on advertising that date as far back as 1920 (when advertising really became a science) and you’ll have the subject down cold.

On the off-chance you don’t have that much free time, I’ll give you some wickedly powerful pointers that will let you leapfrog over the other guys. So let’s begin…

Headlines R Us (or is that You?)

It all starts with a headline. You know, the first thing the prospect sees. The title at the top of the page, that’s the headline. The first few words they hear on the radio, that’s a ‘headline’ too. Take this article for example, the headline was the first thing you saw. A good headline can almost stand alone and you just ‘get it’. It’s an advert for the advert.

Studies have shown the headline results in approximately 80% of the results. So the headline makes all the difference. In one test a changed headline improved response over 2000% (over 21 times!)

Here’s an example of a really bad headline… YOUR COMPANY NAME


Your company name is not a headline.

That’s right, your company name is not a good headline. In fact your name, your contact details, how long you’ve been in business and all those other boring bits of data you often put at the top of adverts, is a waste of time…and money UNTIL the prospect wants to know who you are – only then are they important.

Next…Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Then you have to make a good offer. Don’t beat around the bush. People are busy, your headline stopped them, now they’re looking – so make your pitch. Give them the best you’ve got. Make them an offer they can’t refuse…

Describe the benefits of having your product or service in a way that the prospect can experience. Don’t focus on the specific features – focus on benefits. People buy benefits. Here’s an example:

[Feature] 1/4 Inch Masonry Drill Bit.

[Benefit] 1/4 Inch hole… Probably to hang a picture – so the real benefit was admiring the picture or proving to your spouse that you really are handy around the home…


And once you’ve helped them see themselves experiencing your product or service tell them what you want them to do – call, click or visit today. Or words to that effect. Remember, advertising that does anything other than sell is a waste of money for most of us – brand advertising is expensive.


This a headline – outrageous and direct. You probably read it twice and you might even mention it to someone.

Because headlines are so critical to the success of your adverts I wanted to sign-off with this formula for a good headline: SINC (Self Interest, Curiosity & News).

If you can make the headline show the reader what’s in it for them, make them curious to read more, and share something newsworthy you’ve likely got a winner on your hands.

Remember, the money is ALWAYS in the headline.

burchill-jamesJames Burchill is the founder of Social Fusion Network – an organization that helps local business connect and network.  He also writes about digital marketing, entrepreneurship and technology and when he’s not consulting, he teaches people to start their own ‘side hustle.’getting new - yellow

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