HST on Covid testing - Why? Reader says it's a rip off

By Pepper Parr

January 26th, 2022



A reader we hear from often was a little on the grouchy side yesterday.

He suggested that we ask the Liberals who represent Burlington in the House of Commons why why Canadians are being ripped off by paying HST on this compulsory Covid19 PCR  tests.

Looks like 2 tier medical testing to me he adds

Indeed has the old codger got a point?.

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4 comments to HST on Covid testing – Why? Reader says it’s a rip off

  • Penny Hersh

    Thank you for the information.

    How does the pharmacy make money?
    Who pays your salary, the government or the owner of the pharmacy?
    Does the government pay a rental fee for the space it utilizes?

    I hope you will answer these questions.

  • Penny Hersh

    Covid testing if done at any other facility other than a hospital can be very expensive.

    A friend who needed to be tested had to go to a private clinic – FH Health in Hamilton. It cost them $180.00 each for the test. Cost for 2 – $360.00 ( this was NOT for travel), The husband tested positive.

    FH Health is also the facility operating out of the Joseph Brant Hospital and if testing is done there it is covered under OHIP. The issue is that presently only health care workers are able to access these tests even though there are many spots available for booking on the Joseph Brant website.

    On another subject that is government controlled I was told that if sending packages and mail that need stamps etc. through a postal kiosk located in drug stores, etc. the cost is more expensive than going through a Canada Post Station. Anyone have more information on this?

    • Steve W

      Re cost of postage at a postal outlet vs a corporate Canada Post office. I work at a postal outlet in a retail pharmacy. The cost of mailing a package, buying supplies or stamps is exactly the same. It’s the same computer system, same prices.

  • joe gaetan

    I believe he has a point. Obviously the Fab 4 have too much time on their hands and not much of a to-do list. Hopefully our 4 Liberal MP’s will jump on this. My bet “crickets”.