If you need a good Mother's Day idea that involves the kids - look no further. Be a Rock Star for your Mom

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

April 29, 2015

Burlington, ON

It is coming up – Mother’s Day is not that far away. That means another breakfast in bed with toast that is dripping with syrup that will get spilt all over the sheets. The kids will love it and you will, eventually be happy they did what they did.

As they get older though – what about something a little more adventurous, a little more exciting and different.
Moms are Superstars. Maybe the kids could be superstars – for just a couple of hours.

Robin Pauhl three people headphones

The Mother’s Day gift that just keeps on giving.

What can’t they do?

Robin Pauhl who has one of those sultry voices knows how to get a tune across – the rest of us – well a Karaoke sound track is about as far as we get.

Pauhl came up with a really good idea.

She and her husband run BTown Sound, a studio where some pretty big names in the music world have laid down there sound tracks.

Pauhl is inviting families – everyone except Mom to come in and lay down a sound track of a Mother’s day greeting.

It will be unique, it will be different – the kids will have a great time putting it together and Mom will love and treasure it and want to play it for all the other Mother’s.

Robin Pauhl group

For those that get into it – they really get into it. The young lady on the right got a little distracted.

All the songs dedicated to moms will be recorded at $40 per hour instead of our regular fee of $60. This is perfect for all ages and a special present from kids and husbands. You can record to karaoke tracks, guitar, piano, violin, trumpet or even a full band.

Music lessons are an amazing way for kids to learn and grow, and on that note we’d like to introduce the Studio’s newest enterprise: B Town Sound School of Music.

There are only so many hours in a given day and only so many days left until \Mother’s Day – so pull everyone together, make your plans – maybe even write your song and book your time.

Don’t forget to take the IPhone and record it all.

Great idea Robyn –

Robin Pauhl - girl withheadphones

A last minute sound check before the tracks leave the studio.

Give them a call – we just might manage to convince a family to let us publish one of the recording sessions.  BTown sound is  located at 919 Fraser Drive, unit 10 Burlington, ON, Canada  – 905 616 7500 or email at robyn@btownsound.ca

Wish I’d known about this when my Mom was still with us.

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