It is intended as an evening of fun and delight - especially for the little ones - be careful and keep them safe Halloween Eve.

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October 23rd, 2017



As Halloween approaches, Halton Crime Stoppers wants everyone, young and old, to have a happy and safe celebration.

It’s a time for fun, but sadly crime doesn’t take a holiday and in previous years there have been reports of Halloween candy stolen from youngsters as well as tampered treats handed out to unsuspecting ghosts and goblins going door to door through their neighborhood.

At this time children have also been injured when struck by a vehicle or through falls while running from home to home.

Detective Constable Jodi Richmond, police coordinator of the Halton Crime Stoppers program, said adults are the key to keeping kids safe at Halloween.

“You must take every possible step to ensure youngsters are protected from any possible harm during the Halloween period,” she said. “Adults must be extra vigilant to ensure children remain safe.”

The following is a comprehensive list of safety suggestion from Halton Crime Stoppers to keep everyone safe.

Halloween Super-Mom-400x758

Mom’s get to dress up too.

Haloween - delighted boy

That little guy is just gob-smacked with what he sees on his street.

• Parents should always accompany younger children as they go trick or treating.
• Have children wear face make-up instead of masks whenever possible.
• Make sure costumes are non-flammable and short enough so youngsters won’t trip.
• Stay on one side of the street so children aren’t darting back and forth across the road. Also walk facing traffic if there are no sidewalks and only cross at an intersection.
• Place reflective tape on costumes and make sure young people going door to door are carrying flashlights or glow sticks to make sure they are visible.
• Stay in groups and have one person carrying a cell phone to get emergency assistance if necessary.
• No one should use electronic devices while going door to door at Halloween. They could be a dangerous distraction.
• Homeowners should check their property to make sure sidewalks are not obstructed and nothing that will cause anyone to trip if taking a shortcut across lawns.
• Use battery operated lights instead or candles to illuminate pumpkins around the porch or entranceway.
• Tell trick or treaters to avoid homes that do not have porch lights on.
• Set a curfew for older children who may not be accompanied by an adult and define the area where they are allowed to go in the neighborhood. Also make sure they are carrying identification so parents are quickly notified in the event of an accident.
• Start visiting homes in the early evening hours and don’t stay out too late.
• Make sure children are appropriately dressed during inclement weather and return home immediately in the event of lightning or other dangerous conditions.
• Caution youngsters never to enter the home of strangers or people they don’t know well under any circumstances.
• Make sure all candy is inspected before youngsters are allowed to eat it and discard any homemade treats or items that are unwrapped or partly unwrapped. Don’t take any chances.
• Motorists must drive with care at all times, but it’s particularly important at Halloween when children might forget safety rules.

Halloween is a fun time of year and Detective Constable Richmond said by taking a bit of time to review these rules will help keep everyone safe.

Later in the week we might just learn what Detective Constable Richmond is going to wear.  Maybe she will be the police hound.


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