It was a painful week for everyone - there was a bit of sunshine in a handmade poster

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June 14th, 2021



The week that is now behind us was filled with so much heavy news.

The discovery of the remains of 215 children in Kamloops, British Columbia, and the news that four people were killed when a man behind the wheel of a pickup truck deliberately ran them down killing four members of a family out for a quiet evening walk. A nine year old son was in hospital unable to attend the funeral of his parents that took place on Sunday.

The city opened up some of the restrictions that were limiting what people were permitted to do. The opening of patios was a welcome change but couldn’t remove the weight on our hearts.

Muslims in prayer

Muslim community taking part in a public Call to Prayer last Friday.

On Friday the Muslim community held their Call to Prayer in Spencer Smith Park. It wasn’t a huge turnout but certainly respectful.

There were a few police cars parked on Lakeshore Road and the Gazette spotted a high end drone over the site.

Did the police expect people to be anything other than quietly respectful ? Shame on anyone who felt “those people” should not be in a public place.

Dennis a

Who wrote this sign? It would be an honour to meet the woman. What a profound statement.


There was a handmade sign held up by a Muslim woman that spoke to my heart.
One Gazette reader sent in a comment suggesting that the Mayor was a little early in publicly mourning the death of the Afzaal  family suggesting she should have waited until there was a full investigation.

Investigation of what ?

The police have charged the man with four counts of first degree murder and a charge of second degree murder. They have added a charge of terrorism to the four murder charges.

That kind of comment is veiled racism. We did not publish it – but it is out there. The way to change that behavior is to speak out every time.

I don’t know who made the sign we photographed. It would be an honour to meet the woman.

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