Jane McKenna returns to Queen's Park - this time as a member of a government.

SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

June 9th, 2018



It was a resounding win.

Given the chaos that Doug Ford faced when he was made leader of the party his win can only be described as incredible.

The people who voted wanted a change and this has certainly been a change.

The voter turnout is reported to have been 58%, the highest the province has seen in 20 years.  One canno argue with results like that.

The voters made decisions and the joy in the various halls where the celebrations took place echoed what people wanted.


Jane McKenna will become the MPP for Burlington, this time as the member of a government.

Burlington is now back to being a blue city. Jane McKenna is once again a member of the provincial legislature and this time she is a member of the government. Whatever Ms McKenna has in the way of ideas and aspirations can now come to the surface.

Time will tell what kind of a contribution she is going to make.

Today, she is to be congratulated for her win.

Eleanor McMahon now ends her career as a politician.

The city did see two very good new candidates: Alvin Tedjo brought a fresh approach for the Liberals and Andrew Drummond was a welcome surprise for the New Democrats. One hopes they stick around.

Time to move on and get on with the business of creating a new government and getting used to the idea that the change the voters wanted has begun.

Will the change we saw take place last night be repeated in October at city hall?  And if they are will they be as resounding?

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