JBH has admitted 33 patients with COVID-19, several are critical and on ventilators in the ICU

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April 24th, 2021


A message to the community from Eric Vandewall, President & CEO Joseph Brant Hospital

Across the province, the hospital system is experiencing significant pressures, as the Variants of Concern have now become the predominant strain of COVID-19. Hospitals are reaching full capacity.

Joseph Brant hospital rendering

33 Covid19 patients in Intensive Care Unit

As of today, (April 22, 2021) Joseph Brant Hospital (JBH) is sitting at 91% capacity. Last week, the Ontario government expanded the four-week lockdown to six weeks, in the hopes of bringing down case numbers. They are also working to increase critical care capacity and bring in health care workers from other jurisdictions.

Long-Term Care homes are expediting admissions for Alternative Level of Care patients, as the need for acute care beds is rising faster than the system can currently accommodate. At JBH, for over a year we have been preparing for what is happening now – the worst-case scenario.

Our teams continue to work hard to review and revise plans for potential situations we may experience. To manage capacity pressures, JBH has enacted a team-based model of care on some patient care units. Team-based care shifts patient care from “I” (i.e. nurse as the “primary” caregiver) to “We”, where nurses are paired with other care providers. In a team approach, each team member’s skills and knowledge are utilized to share the responsibility for meeting patient care needs.

It is all hands on deck to ensure that we keep our patients and our community safe. Yet, as I referenced last week, it is distressing to see continued skepticism on social media and through ongoing anti-lockdown demonstrations. Many falsely contend – still to this day, despite urgent, emotional pleas from the medical community – that the severity of this pandemic is over-inflated.

Today, at JBH we are caring for 33 patients admitted with COVID-19, including several critically ill patients on ventilators in our ICU.

Our critical care department is currently working at 160% of its standard capacity, with nine additional ICU patient beds added in the last week. Some of these patients were immediately hospitalized after going to emergency with symptoms that were non-existent only days prior. These are people with families, loved ones, living their lives before contracting this virus. I cannot state our current reality more clearly. It is the same reality taking place in hospitals across Ontario, and across parts of this country. The numbers continue to increase daily and we are living and working in extraordinary times.

This is not a time for skepticism, but empathy, understanding and hope. Because yes, despite the bleakness of this picture, there is much hope. I’m happy to report that we are actively hiring more healthcare workers. This week, we put a call out to the community to apply for temporary full and part-time Pandemic Assistant positions to help support our clinical teams or assist in our screening stations.

Visit www.josephbranthospital.ca for more information and to apply.

This week, we surpassed 13,000 vaccinations administered at JBH, and we continue to vaccinate over 400 community members daily. We will continue to vaccinate as many as we can, based on available supply. I am also encouraged to see eligibility for the Astra Zeneca vaccine expand to the 40-59 age group. If you are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination, please remember:

• Book your COVID-19 vaccination appointment – in Halton, visit www.halton.ca/covidvaccines or call 311 to book by phone • If you vaccinate elsewhere (i.e. pharmacy or doctor’s office) and book multiple appointments in an attempt to get the earliest time, please do not forget to cancel your appointments at the other locations. This causes a significant backlog with wait lists and further delays for those waiting to get the vaccine

Eric andewall TITLE

Eric Vandewall. President & CEO Joseph Brant Hospital

• Read the scientific evidence available online to support that vaccination is a key factor in stopping the virus – Halton Region and the Province of Ontario share evidence and FAQ information

• As always, continue to follow public health measures including washing your hands, wearing a mask, adhering to physical distancing, before and after vaccination.

Thank you again to our community for the ongoing support, encouragement and cooperation. We must take collective action to get through Wave 3. I know that many people are tired and concerned about the road ahead – but together, we are strong and we will rise to the challenge, and we will get through this extraordinary time.

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5 comments to JBH has admitted 33 patients with COVID-19, several are critical and on ventilators in the ICU

  • Angelo

    I sent an email to the office of the President & CEO, asking the same question, a month ago.
    Still waiting for an answer!

  • Bob

    Are things improving there? Last week the hospital was at 94% https://burlingtongazette.ca/joseph-brant-hospital-at-94-capacity-ceo-asks-for-public-support-in-staying-safe/
    The problem with Doom & Gloom is eventually it turns into the story of Chicken Little.
    Also what capacity does the hospital run at on a normal schedule? As anyone who has or ever was awaiting surgery knows, there is a year or two backlog at the best of times due to capacity
    Perhaps David could chime in with some sanctimonious comments for us not in the know

  • Josie Hammond

    We seldom hear about the field hospital -why is that? Do we have out of town patients in care? I have a senior friend who has been hospitalized for over 3 weeks (not Covid related)i and is waiting for LTC placement

  • Penny Hersh

    I was led to believe the cost of the field hospital was 2.5 million dollars ( structure only). I did notice that JBH is looking to hire “Pandemic Assistants”. One of the major problems seems to be staffing.

  • Sharon

    Is the $17 million field hospital being used yet? Other then for vaccinations