Joseph Brant Hospital close to final concrete pour - on target for the 2018 opening.

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December 5th, 2015


The people at the Joseph Brant Hospital re-build and re-development site are getting almost giddy – the last concrete pour is due to take place very soon.

In 2017, there will be nine modern operating rooms on Level 2 of the new Joseph Brant Hospital with capacity for an additional 1,770 inpatient and day surgery cases. The design of each operating room accommodates innovative surgical technology and a modern ventilation and power infrastructure.
he Level six slab is done!

Here is what has been done to date:

Forming and pouring for the Level seven slab is underway and the vertical from Levels 7 to 8 is also being built.

The Level eight slab will be done by mid-December.

JBH aerial rendering

Architectural model of the hospital site – opening of the new section scheduled for 2018

Six elevator shafts and 3 main stairways from Levels six to seven are done. Construction continues for elevator shafts and stairways from Levels seven to eight and eight to nine.
Mechanical work and plumbing continues on the Main Level and on Level 1.

In our existing hospital, demolition of the second section of the loading dock is almost complete. The construction of micro piles and excavation for footings will happen over the next couple of weeks. Loading dock construction will continue until the end of February.

JBH earth cam Dec 4-15

Construction status on December 5th, 2015

Masonry work and most of the mechanical work is complete in our new Engineering Department. The department is now undergoing the finishing stages of construction, which includes painting, installation of fixtures and floor and ceiling. The department will be move-in ready for our Engineering team in January 2016.

Excavation, forming and pouring for the last set of footings for the bridge that will connect the parking garage to the main hospital building is done!

The first panels for our curtain wall (also known as building envelope) will be arriving in mid-December.
Quite an achievement – and so far there hasn’t been even a small industrial accident.

With construction going so well – the team at the hospital have moved into what they call their “readiness stage”.

You can view the construction site at any time – just CLICK HERE.

Pouring concrete and having the structure reach up into the sky is apparently the easy part – now they have to begin preparing for what the hospital is being built to do – take care of people.

Lina K at JBH

Lina Kiskunas coordinates operational readiness.

Lina Kiskunas, is the Operational Readiness Coordinator. She works with a wide portfolio of programs in preparing for operations in our future hospital. Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging, Pharmacy, Allied Health, Professional Practice, Rehab, Complex Care, Inpatient Medical Surgical and Maternal Child are things that keep her busy.

Each member of the Operational Readiness team plays an important role in achieving the targeted Opening Day vision and outcomes as they transition to the new hospital.

Lina Kiskunas is a nurse by background. “I spent time in many critical care roles” she said and comes to Burlington from Oakville where she did a very similar role in Operational Readiness for the new Oakville hospital

“The work is a mix of project management and strategy and melding that into the medical environment. I gained a lot of interesting experiences from the project that I’m excited to bring here.

“I moved to Burlington two years ago. Having worked on many redevelopment projects at different hospitals I think it’s nice to be part of such a big project at my own community hospital. This is where my family and I will receive care. Bringing Joseph Brant Hospital into their future is exciting.”

“I think in trying to understand Operational Readiness the best way I can explain it is if you want a new home, the construction company builds it and operational readiness makes this house a home. We will bring patients and families a sense of home at the new Joseph Brant Hospital” she said.

Lakeshore Road will be the new entrance to the hospital – and the setting will be be very nice.  A concern has been expressed about the adequacy of Lakeshore Road as it cuts south to the lake.  Lakeshore Road is going to be raised by as much as a metre which will impact the entrance to the Joseph Brant Museum.

JBH Lakeshore Road coming in

Road leading to the new hospital entrance from the Maple Street intersection.

Will there be just the one lane leading past the museum to the hospital as shown in the picture above ?  Not much room for an ambulance rushing towards the emergency entrance.

The plans for a massive expansion of the museum – the Museum Foundation has more than $2 million dedicated to making the museum more relevant to the community.

Is it possible that too much is being crammed into too small a space?

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