Just where is public sentiment now that we are in Stage 3 of the Emergency? Not where many would like it to be.

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August 19th, 2020



We are now in Stage 3 of the Emergency declared by the City and the Province.

The day those declarations were made everything shut down.  Many thought it was going to be a short term thing – when the end of that first month came people began to realize the pandemic was going to really hurt many in the commercial sector.

We got to stage three almost a month ago – things didn’t immediately open up.  It was slow, very slow for many.

Restaurants were permitted to offer service inside the premises and not just outside on a patio or under a tent.

The mask by law was extended to January 2021 – it was temporary when it was first passed.

Groups were limited to 5 people – that got expanded to 10.

Larger groups were permitted – up to 50 people, and movie theatres and bowling alleys were opened.

City hall was getting ready to have some people back at their desks.

The situation with schools is close to chaotic with different boards of education taking different approaches.

Where is the general public in all this?

A survey done in June on public anxiety, which is growing and any possible opening up of the border with the United States revealed that public sentiment falls into five unique groups

20% Ready to Go – less likely to wear masks or follow rules

19% Nearly Ready – watch data from Govt & Health

23% Want to, But Can’t – some barriers – money, child care etc.

18% Content – OK staying and working at home

20% Afraid – want to see control and penalties, think situation is worse, lack of trust

What can Businesses do to help build that trust and bring about a change in public trust and bring them into the commercial world?

Post promise

This decal is available to every restaurant in the country. They just have to sign up to the promise. Look for it – ask why it isn’t there if you don’t see it.

Model the right behaviour – masks and social distancing: this is not a celebration, demonstrate caution

Provide Credible information and validate safety (Post Promise)

Visual is best – show experience rather than tell – videos/tours

Tone – enforcement, education, help, diligent follow-up.

The hospitality sector, which took the hardest hit during the lockdown is slowly coming back – the emphasis is on the slowly part.

Public confidence isn’t as high as it needs to be. Have you seen the POST promise in the restaurants and bars you go to?

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2 comments to Just where is public sentiment now that we are in Stage 3 of the Emergency? Not where many would like it to be.

  • Penny Hersh

    There is a store in downtown Burlington that has posted a sign indicating that “they are exempt” and no masks are required in their store.

    I for one will not be shopping in that store and will have nothing to do with anyone in her family. I hope this person has no other family member that depends on dealing with the public in another service sector in Burlington.

    People need to make certain that they are not inadvertently being exposed to the virus, through working with other members of the family.

  • Marshall

    I am still apprehensive. Although I am not interested in going to bars etc, the experience at the Brass Rail in Toronto where I understand patrons are also infected shows how infectious the virus can be. I am a senior and doubt that I would do well if I caught the virus. How sure can I be that Halton restaurants are safe enough for me to enjoy a nice dinner out? I think that we need a little more time to be sure.