Koogle Theatre is going to help tell the story of the Brant Inn: the whole story ?- that could be juicy.

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September 3rd, 2018



The citizens are going to tell their stories about the Brant Inn, a locale that at one time had Burlington on the map. People came from around the world to play music at the Brant Inn – it was a jumpin place in its day.

KooGle Theatre has received a grant from the City of Burlington Arts and Culture Fund to tell the story of the Inn

Pic 7 Brant Inn 1937The grant will allow KooGle to begin their research/creation phase for their production of a currently untitled musical based on the historic Brant Inn – the show will revolve around the true stories that local residents (and their families) have about their time at The Brant Inn.

Did you attend The Brant Inn in it’s heyday?

Did you have a relative who went there and told you their stories?

Brant Inn plaqueWere you in a band who played there? We want to hear your story, your memories – to help us piece together our future musical production!

Please contact Leslie at info@koogletheatre.com to set up a meeting.  Interview begin in September.

This is a really smart idea – kudos to the people at city hall who made this happen.

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3 comments to Koogle Theatre is going to help tell the story of the Brant Inn: the whole story ?- that could be juicy.

  • Susie

    Unfortunately I did not live in Burlington at the time of the Brant Inn, but sure would have loved to participate in its musical history. What happened that this particular building/site was not rendered as an “historical site” and preserved like the Jo-Brant Museum and many more designated spots in the downtown area today? To have kept this kind of world class excitement on the waterfront is what we are missing and wishing for in todays Official Plan, rather than towering concrete walls surrounding our waterfront. Perhaps these shared stories and memories of the Brant Inn will ignite thoughts of keeping the waterfront for more international attraction for music and fame! Burlington could rate as No. 1 once again with international fame if direction for the waterfront development plans were to head in a more exciting positive way.
    50+ people dancing with music on the grass at the Ribfest tells us we need more of this movement and musical outdoor activity. Simply wonderful ………..

  • Robert Missen

    Hardly redundant, Hans. This is the first time that this fascinating story will be told in the form of a work of theatre, as far as I know. I don’t doubt that KooGle will consult all the existing documents as well as the people they are reaching out to. They should speak with you, if you were a patron yourself.

  • Hans

    There is an excellent book and a video already; this project seems a bit redundant.
    I was in high school in the ’60s and went to the Brant Inn to see Louis Armstrong and Woody Herman – simply wonderful……..