Las Vegas is not the only place for high class gambling - many great locations across Canada.

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June 27th, 2018



If you are looking for a location that offers high-class gambling and an equal combination of luxurious, family-friendly and affordable resorts, Las Vegas is the place to go… or so would many people have you believe. While Las Vegas is surely one of the best gambling destinations in the world, another country which deserves much more credit than it gets is Canada.

Across Canada’s ten provinces, a wide variety of casinos await visitors from within the country and beyond. Some of these gambling venues have become large resorts that offer spas, restaurants, hotels and luxurious casino floors. These are the biggest casinos in Canada.

Casino de Montreal – Quebec


Montreal Casino right across from the historic Old Port of Montreal on Ile Notre-Dame.

Located on the Ile Notre-Dame, right across from the historic Old Port of Montreal, the Casino the Montreal is one of the biggest and most chic gambling establishments in the world. Visitors and gambling aficionados are welcomed by more than 3,000 slot machines, 100 gaming tables, as well as a separate, special section with 18 poker tables.

People who want to hone and test their skills at poker and bring home a generous prize can participate at the casino’s Texas Hold’em tournaments, which are held regularly. Casino de Montreal also has a program called the Casino Privileges Club, through which players can earn points to use in the casino as well as restaurants and hotels in downtown Montreal, and many other bonuses similar to the ones found on

Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino – Ontario


Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino across the border from Detroit

Located just across the border from Detroit via the Ambassador Bridge, Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino is a hotspot for both Canadian and American gamblers. Measuring about 10,000 square feet, the twin hotel towers offer 758 guest rooms and suites, alongside a fitness center.

The Colosseum showroom hosts headline acts and shows, with guests having the option to choose from six cafes and restaurants as well. The establishments that stand out are the Artist Café, a boldly colored, intimate place filled with intricate murals, paints and sculptures, and Neros Steakhouse, a world renown restaurant famous for its excellent selection of high-quality stakes and seafood. Naturally, the Ceasars Casino has lots to offer in terms of gambling as well. The Poker Room, for instance, has 14 tables, and the main casino floor offers a wide range of electronic slots and gaming tables.

river cree

River Cree Resort and Casino sits right at the western edge of Edmonton

River Cree Resort and Casino – Alberta
The River Cree Resort and Casino sits right at the western edge of Edmonton, Province of Alberta. A full-fledged entertainment complex, it acts as a luxury resort, a casino, and a hockey center. In terms of gambling, visitors can choose from more than 1,000 slot machines, 39 game tables, as well as engage in off-track horse betting. Apart from these features, gamblers can try their luck in a high stakes poker room, a dazzling roulette, or relax in the dining venue or enjoy a fun night together with friends in the Centre Bar.

River Rock Casino Resort – British Columbia

River Rock

River Rock Casino on the shores of the Fraser River

Situated on the shores of the Fraser River, the River Rock Casino is arguably the largest gambling venue in Western Canada. The casino measures approximately 70,000 square feet, with 900 slot machines, a separate poker room with 14 tables, and a high-stakes VIP room called the Dogwood club. As with every resort, the River Rock hosts a wide variety of dining venues and entertainment centers, including the River Rock Show Theatre, the classy Lulu’s Lounge, a spa, and a 202-room hotel Suite.

roulete wheelAs bright, shiny, glitzy and glamorous as Las Vegas might be, nothing compares to the natural beauty and charm of Canada. Even though Canada is a relatively new player in the world of high-class gambling, nobody can argue that the country suffers from a shortage of quality venues, and these four casinos stand as living proof. If you are taking a trip through Canada, make sure to check these places out.

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