LaSalle Park Community Marina opening June 1 with paid parking for boat trailers

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May 29th, 2031


The LaSalle Park Marina Association (LPMA) and the Burlington Sailing and Boating Club, the LaSalle Park Community Marina will be ready to open the public boat launch on June 1.

LaSalle Park MArina

Marina at sunset

Pay for parking sign cropped

The new normal – parking fees

New Parking Fees
Anyone parking their boat trailer at the LaSalle Park Community Marina or in the upper parking lot will now be required to pay a trailer parking fee. Trailer parking payments are required seven days a week, including holidays. It is a daily flat rate of $20 for trailer parking; there is no fee to use the public boat launch.

The parking lot has often had traffic flow problems caused by too many trailers and/or improper parking. The new paid parking requirements are intended to create more order in the lots, improve traffic flow and reduce frustrations.
Residents and visitors can use the HonkMobile app or scan the QR code found on signage at the marina to search, pay for, and top-up parking payments directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer

Users can scan the QR Code found on signage at the marina or download the HonkMobile app.

Dashboard tickets are not required as every payment is linked with a trailer licence plate number.

For more information about parking at LaSalle Park Community Marina or elsewhere, visit

About the LaSalle Park Community Marina
The Marina is a beautiful location for residents and tourists to launch their boats and enjoy the crisp waters of Lake Ontario and Burlington’s breathtaking lakefront views. The Marina has 219 docking spaces and is protected by a floating wave break. The Burlington Sailing and Boating Club (BS&BC) and the Able Sail program offer sailing programs at the Marina. In addition, the City has a public boat launch at the Marina that is protected by the floating wave break.

For more information about the marina, visit

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1 comment to LaSalle Park Community Marina opening June 1 with paid parking for boat trailers

  • Jim Thomson

    Why has City Council never passed the changes in the City Bylaws that were part of the Environmental Assessment for the Floating Wavebreak?
    That would be item 2 of the Addendum to the EA.
    2. Amend the City’s by-laws with respect to feeding wildlife to permit licensed persons from the Coalition to feed the swans in the beach area to the east of the marina in extreme winter conditions.

    The Bylaws in question are which prohibit the feeding of wildlife. 60-2005 and 83-2015.