Last performance of the Poetry Slam - July 18th at the Nuvo.

eventsred 100x100By Pepper Parr

July 4th, 2019



What do you mean – it will be the final Poetry Slam. Final as in FINAL?

How did that happen? And why?

Slam FINALBut it is – taking place at the Nuvo on July 18th.

I first heard Tomy Bewick at an Installation Art show at the Waterfront Hotel.

There was this guy running up and down the hall way yelling his head off. I didn’t at first understand what he was doing or saying.

He disappeared around a corner – I didn’t see or hear from him again that night

The Installation Art was very progressive for Burlington.

The brunette stretched out nude face down across a Queen size bed with the tall, black, handsome dude standing over her had the hotel management edgy. They really didn’t want that exhibit to be “public”.

It was a one night event that brought out all the in the know people; not a politician in sight.

I next heard Tommy at the Black Bull on Guelph Line – torn down for a storage operation.

The Poetry Slam was a regular event – you could get a decent meal and hear some very good work and just get caught up with people.

When the Bull closed the Poetry Slam moved out to eastern Burlington, I think they were at the Windjammer.


Tomy Bewick – on stage.

Slammers from elsewhere would show up and do their thing – it wasn’t for everyone but it did have a core audience.

They are on at the Nuvo – will there be a bar?

Will decent food be available? If  Tomy is ending this part of his contribution to the culture of the city – can we at least send him out with a bang!

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3 comments to Last performance of the Poetry Slam – July 18th at the Nuvo.

  • Jim Riley

    Dan Murray too!

  • Jim Riley

    Ah yes. Tomy ever the gentleman, has added much to Burlington’s culture in the past seven years or so. The memories of the Waterfront Inn installations and other installations in the following years curated by Selina Eckersall-McCall created some interesting events for Burlington. Tomy showed me and Burlington just what slam poetry was. He has put an amazing amount of energy over the years. They were good years with Tomy, Teresa Seaton, Trevor Copp, Lisa Emmons, Shannon and more. Thanks Tomy!!!

  • Robert Missen

    Tomy will be making one final final cameo appearance in this year’-s One Burlington celebration at Central Park on the afternoon of Civic Holiday Monday August 5th.