Late football season fundraiser at the new Wendell Clark’s on Brant Street – I was there for the food.

September 17, 2013

By Piper  King

Wendel Clarke opened up his new shop on Brant Street last week with a nod to the football season and looking for a way to raise some coin for the Critical Care Unit at the hospital

Hot buttered soul – the band. You can almost taste music like that.

The franchise owner slapped a $10 cover charge on everyone who walked through the door and then gave them a swag bag of goodies that far exceed the $10. The “donation” provided every attendant with unlimited access to a delicious pulled pork entrée (fresh off the roasted pig), hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, bean salad and coleslaw, as well as live performance from band Hot Buttered Soul playing out on the main level patio. 

It got better – two drink tickets and a chance at a 50/50 draw.  More yet – Prizes included in the draw were a barbeque hibachi, a wine tour, three $50 gift certificates to Canyon Creek, dinner for two at Paradiso, dinner for two at Montana’s. 

The grand prize was a Wendel Clark jersey which Clark will sign when he is next in town..

Wendel Clark’s opened in June 2013 by franchise operator Merlin Webbe.  Kristina Frizell set up the fundraiser.  Hubby Chris Frizell pulled food serving duty.

Staffer takes the first dunking – all in the name of a good cause; Critical Care at JBH

The band swung between light jazz, blues and jazz cover titles.  Management didn’t like the way donations were going in so they hoisted some of the staff onto the dunk tank platform and for a reasonable sum – down they went.  Leah, a staffer took the first dive.

Guests chose between the spread on the patio or off the menu.  I went for the traditional poutine and apple blossom (Wendell’s fresh twist on the classic Apple Pie).

Our Foodie isn’t recommending the poutine; too salty and the coverage of the gravy left something to be desired.

From a foodie’s point of view, and I am a foodie – I was there for the food – the poutine was tasty, but a little bit salty, some of the fries were untouched by the gravy and a few of the cheese curds were not melted. 

The Apple Blossom worked for our Foodie. “I’ll be going back for more of that” she advised.

The Apple Blossom on the other hand was a hit! The innards of a delicious apple pie was wrapped in a blossom-shaped pastry, but exposed! To the left of the blossom was a line of whipped cream and to the left of that a scoop of vanilla ice cream. When I took a scoop of ice cream and a scoop of the blossom, it was a phenomenal sensation when hot met cold in my mouth!

I need to go back again –  just so I can try another comfort food and dessert off the menu.

Most of the crowd was there for a good meal and not for the football kick off.  With it being football pre-season, the only sports viewable on the television was mainly hockey.  Golf doesn’t count as a sport – it’s what hockey players do when they are not on the ice.

 It was a decent event was fairly decent, but it did not draw as much of a crowd as anticipated. The upside was that those $10 donations will work their way to the hospital.

Wendel Clark’s – Burlington

380 Brant Street, Burlington, Ontario L7R 2E8
Phone: 905-633-9217 


Piper King will be writing about food for the Burlington Gazette.

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