Lauren, Olivia and Poppy get ready for their day at the CNE Rising Star competition.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

August 12, 2015


Now that we know a little about the three young girls in Burlington who will be taking part in the CNE Rising Star Talent contest – we can tell you something about what they are facing at this competition.

There are several hurdles these young girls have to go through to make it to the top.

CNE Dance Olivia and poppy

Olivia Koren on the left and Poppy Munro on the right loosen up as they get ready to take part in the CNE Rising Star event at the end of the month.

They got into the competition by sending in an application with a video – judges looked at everything and invited specific people to attend.

There are 48 contestant in the Junior class and 72 in the Youth class.

The Rising Star contest is for singers and dancers. Michael Bubble, the crooner, was a winner in the singing competition many years ago

All the girls from Burlington are in the Junior class; thy are all dancers.

All the action is on the International stage at the Enercare Centre on the CNE grounds. No cost to get in but you do have to pay to get into the CNE.

Dance Lauren Salt with pink cast

Lauren Salt’s pink cast will be gone by the time she is ready to take her place on the stage at the CNE Rising Star Talent event at the end of the month

All the shows take place at 6:30 pm

Preliminary judging takes place on August 21st to the 24th
Semi finals are on August 31st and September 1st
Finals for the Junior level are on September 5th.

The contestants will be judged on their natural ability – 20%
They will be judged on the staging and showmanship of their performance; 20%
The audience will tell what they liked – 20% of their mark comes from the audience
The judges give 40% based on the quality of the performance.

The Gazette will follow their progress and let you know how they do.

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