Lights of the season glow in Spencer Smith Park - make sure the kids get to see this.

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December 1st, 2018



It’s an annual thing.

Naval monument

Drummer beside the Naval monument

Better than looking in the window at Eaton’s – they don’t have that anymore do they?

Spencer Smith Park has something in the order of 50- maybe sixty different holiday season designs done in colourful lights.

Looking at the park with all those light and watching a young person – say four or five years of age give that Wow! look that only a child can give.

The event is sponsored by Burlington Hydro; the work is done by a crew of volunteers with lots of input from Hydro staff.

There is no formal throwing of a light switch. One day they are just on. Early evening is the nicest time to see them. As dusk moves in the lights contrast with the sky that darkens.

Guarding the pier SSP Xmas lights 2018

Sea horses guarding walkway to the Pier

What you also get to see are the hundreds of geese walking around in the dark rummaging for food.

It is a pure delight to see how that park gets transformed; something every child in the city should have a chance to see.

There are now a handful of coffee shops that are serving hot chocolate – nice way to end an evening before the kids get taken home and tucked into bed.

Soldiers along lakeshore

Grenadiers guarding Spencer Smith Park

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1 comment to Lights of the season glow in Spencer Smith Park – make sure the kids get to see this.

  • Lonely Taxpayer

    Grenadiers guarding Spencer Smith Park *or*….

    our city’s international ambassadors, the Burlington Teen Tour Band smiling & welcoming visitors to the Lakeside Festival of Lights @ Spencer Smith Park.