Local Art being Commissioned for Waterfront Trail along the Beachway

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July 2nd, 2021



The Beachway is getting a lot of attention these days.

Lovely part of the city – just find a parking spot when you get there.

In the not too distant future we should be seeing some local art to brighten the place up

The city sent out a Request for Proposals for Temporary Public Art Signs at The Beachway

Deadline: Friday July 30, 2021

Budget: $500 (design only), 15 commissions available

Here’s the fine print:

The City of Burlington public art program is launching a temporary art project, RE:DE(SIGN) as part of the 2021 Culture Days. Running from September 24 – October 24, Culture Days is 4 weeks of arts and culture experiences indoors, outdoors and online.

Waterfront Trail - from east - few people

This quiet path was once where two railway tracks carried freight from Burlington to the rest of the world. Freeman Station was one of the stops.

This project will commission 15 Burlington artists to create small-scale works that will be installed on signposts along the Waterfront Trail, stretching from Beachway Park to the Lift Bridge. This project will provide trail users with a safe and accessible way to enjoy art and to learn more about the amazing creators in our community. Each artwork will be accompanied with a profile of the artist.

This call is open to Burlington-based artists and is open to all art forms that can be presented in a sign format. This includes, but is not limited to: visual art, graphic art, photography, poetry, writing, etc. Sound-based work such as music, spoken word, theatre, etc. may also be presented using QR codes.

Project Goals

The theme for the 2021 Culture Days is RE:IMAGINE. Arts and culture emerged as a lifeline of joy, providing gifts of colour, hope, and reprieve needed to make it through this past year. Collectively, we’re imagining what a post-pandemic world could look like and how we can each contribute to that picture being brighter. Through that lens, Culture Days has chosen RE:IMAGINE as the very apt 2021 theme.

RE:IMAGINE signals a positive turning point – the commitment to building tangible change into the future of arts and culture.
Artists submitting proposals for RE:DE(SIGN) should take inspiration from the RE:IMAGINE theme.

Is this a big part of the dream the Mayor is looking for? How big a part of the city is the waterfront? Is it more than just something to look at?

The Art work will be placed along the Waterfront Trail right up to the canal.

Additionally, the artwork should:

Be easily legible to pedestrian traffic, artwork that incorporates text must adhere to AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) guidelines.

The artwork must be suitable for presentation in a public space, for all ages (i.e., the artwork may not contain profanity, hate speech, graphic imagery, etc.)

Important! Please read the full Call for Artists document (Click HERE to download PDF) before submitting an application as this contains important project details and application instructions.

Submit your Application Online

Applications may be submitted online, using Submittable. Click HERE  to start your online application. You will need to create a free account to use Submittable. Please contact Kim Selman, 905-515-9334 or kim@cobaltconnects.ca if you need assistance with your application.

The Beachway is a storied part of Burlington.  It was once a self-sustaining community of several thousand people.  You can search the Gazette Archives for stories on what life was like in that community

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