Local trucking company gets Carrier of the Year award from two major brands: Coca Cola and P&G recognize Fluke Transport

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October 17th, 2020



What does a local trucking company with a name that catches your eye do as it celebrates its 100th year of operation?
Announce an award.

Usually Ron Foxcroft is the person who spreads the good news for Fluke Transport – but this time it was his son Steve who told us about the Carrier of the Year award that Coca Cola handed out to Fluke.

Fluke - Coca Cola award

It matters when your clients recognize the work you do for them. Fluke Transport got two of these for 2019

It’s not that big a deal but it is significant. Fluke hauls a lot of product for the Coca Cola Bottling Company and they like to let the carrier community know who they think is worthy of mention.

Coca Cola is a big deal.

Steve, who is a vice president at Fluke, added to the news when he told the Gazette that Proctor and Gamble also named Fluke as the Carrier of the year for their product line.

“We hauled a lot of toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer for P&G” said the younger Foxcroft who added that Fluke is busy – their 105 truck, 450 trailer fleet is fully committed.

“There was a point at which we were hauling 25 loads of paper products every day for the company.”

Fluke also got a Platinum level award from their insurance company for their high level of safety management.

Everything a truck driver does now is logged electronically – Fluke has a sterling record for looking out for their drivers and keeping their fleet in top condition.

Asked for his views on business and how things looked going forward Steve said that they have all but eliminated any forward planning. “These are now day to day situations” we work at that level with the safety of our drivers and office staff being the number one issue.

The Foxcroft’s have owned and operated Fluke Transport for the last forty years –“ it’s a 100 year old company that has had just two owners” said Steve Foxcroft.

“We meet once a month to go over the numbers – Dad is in the room asking a lot of questions. We are fortunate to have a number of great customers in the food and household supplies business so we are doing OK, there are some others that aren’t doing as well.”

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