Lowville Festival team make it work - Liona Boyd packed the hall - Second City comedy and a delightful Alice on the playbill for the weekend.

artsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

May 27, 2017



Despite having to make close to last minute changes to the venue – forgetting about a performance under canvas and moving to inside a church hall, the 3rd Annual Lowville Festival pulled it off.

The “The hall at St. George’s was packed to the rafters Friday night” and with Liona Boyd on the playbill little wonder.

Saturday night:The Second City Comedy Troupe doing their Canada: The Thinking Man’s America is going to sell out. If you want to try and get a ticket – call BobMissen at 289-260-1109

Sunday, May 28; 2pm – St. Georges Anglican Church – Motus O Dance Theatre will be doing “Alice”; the production is a decidedly delightful look at a classic.

Alice - costumes

Alice in Wonderland characters with such energy and excitement – they leave audiences breathless.

Rich in athleticism and innovative dance and theatre, ALICE is an exhilarating adventure that spins you off into another land. ALICE is an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s whimsical stories, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through The Looking Glass”. In her search for home, Alice must maneuver herself through this topsy – turvy world. ALICE is a one hour show that brings to life all your favourite characters with such energy and excitement that the audience is left breathless. Part Dance Part Theatre Part Triathlon.

While not intended as a performance for children – the production will widen the eyes of those from 12 to 80.

Growing the business:
The Lowville Festival organizers held their events during the first two years inside church halls and decided they were ready to outgrow those spaces. They were leaving behind some fine performances and wonderful memories but they needed more space.

Lowville Park was a beautiful location but there wasn’t a building they could hold events in. They got creative and decided a large tent – the kind of think travelling circuses used to use – would draw audiences and also add some charm and adventure to an event. The Festival was going to go under canvas.

Pole Tent - Picture 028

The tent was a great idea – but the grounds were too soggy after several days of rain. A venue change was needed.

The tent would keep any rain out – but the rain we have experienced this month left the grounds in the park soggy and soaked with water. It just wasn’t going to work.

The Festival organizers had to make changes – and they had to move very quickly which took them back to those tried and true church halls.

Second City this evening; Alice Sunday afternoon – both well worth the price of the tickets – if you can get one.

Saturday, May 27; 1pm to 4pm – Lowville United Church – Free Event!
Sights and Sounds in the Escarpment in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Burlington
Sponsored by: Ontario Trillium Foundation

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