Marina association will run the marina; Friends of Freeman getting the money to re-locate a steam engine and the Mayor dumped all over the Post.

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

September 24th, 2019



The city made it official – the LaSalle Park Marina Association will operate the marina but the city does expect them to change the name of the organization and get the word ‘community’ in there somewhere.

LaSalle Marina - baots lined up

Peace, tranquility and good governance have settled on the marina.

The next step is to put a business case together. There was some additional positive news – the wave break that is being installed looks as if it is going to come in at less than the $4 million and the city think the Marina association might be able to come up with a bit more than the $2.7 million in fees to the city.

It has taken years to get to this point – council is as pleased as punch with the way it worked out. Mayor Meed Ward said she was pleased to see nothing but smiling faces watching the proceedings in city council chamber.

The Friends of Freeman Station are going to get the $150,000 needed to relocate the steam engine and the two rail cars that are currently located at the St. Lawrence Parkway facility in Morrisburg, Ontario.

Freeman with stop and car in place

Steam engine plus tender and two rail cars could be set up at Freeman.

The city will actually own the rolling stock – the FoFS will get to do all the cleaning up and refurbishing of the equipment.

Hopefully the people giving the rail equipment away won’t have any problems with the city owning the asset.

It was a busy city council meeting with much more news to follow up on.

Meed Ward H&S

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward

Council took a break and when they returned the Mayor dumped all over the Burlington Post over errors she said they made in a story about how the city wants to manage the pan handling situation at major intersections in the city.

“They got it wrong” said the Mayor, “completely wrong”

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