Marvelous collection of chimes at the Art Gallery - in the Dan Lawrie Family Courtyard.

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August 31st, 2017



Things to see and do.

If you overdo it a little at the Ribfest and need to walk some of it off – wander along to the Art Gallery and slip into the Dan Lawrie Family Courtyard and have a look at the collection of chimes that have been set up.

Chimes lawrie garden

Part of the collection of chimes that decorate the Dan Lawrie Family Courtyard.

Visitors are invited to give the chimes a gentle touch.

Chimes - south side lawrie garden

Some of the chimes are nestled into the plants and might be mistaken by some to be a plant.

Just outside the entrance to the Courtyard is a small but impactful exhibit focusing on the Terry Fox epic 143 day, 5,373 kilometer journey from St. John’s, Newfoundland, to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Fox exhibitThe exhibit includes a replica of the brace and prosthetic Terry wore as he loped across the country with what was part walk and part skip.

The exhibit explores Canadians’ deep and abiding affection for Terry and examines his unique place in our collective memory. Developed in partnership with the AGB and Terry Fox’s family, the exhibition shows part of the impact Terry Fox has had and continues to have on modern Canadian life.

For younger people who ask: “Who was Terry Fox?” The exhibition is the answer. Closes September 10th, 2017

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