Masks do not appear to becoming the fashion statement some expected. Few seen on the streets of the city.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

August 4th, 2020



It wasn’t the greatest long weekend was it?

The Saturday sunshine worked for a lot of people – some of the rules didn’t work all that well.

The city passed a temporary bylaw requiring requiring people to wear face masks.

Our roving photographer wandered around the city looking in on the traditional hot spots – the Beach, the Pier and the downtown area. It was hard to find anyone wearing a mask.

Do people not know – or they just don’t give a damn.

A picture being 1000 words – here is a long story.

Beach packed

The Beach was packed – no masks but it didn’t seem to matter and it would get in the way of acquiring that tan.

Masksa hit and miss Gibbons

People outside a local shop. Not many masks being worn here. Beer Store on the right – line up respecting the six foot thing – but no masks.

Beer store - six feet but no mask

Pier no mask

Maybe the summer breeze made it unnecessary to wear a face mask

SS park nomasks

On the way into Spender Smith Park. Great weather – no masks.

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9 comments to Masks do not appear to becoming the fashion statement some expected. Few seen on the streets of the city.

  • Sharon

    As noted by others the mask bylaw is for indoors. Which I have seen most abiding by. The virus is not airborne. You can’t catch it walking down the street!!

  • Merlin Sr

    Halton Region Public Health states the following regarding masks.

    “Regional By-law 47-20 does not require individuals to wear a mask outdoors. However, Halton Region’s Medical Officer of Health encourages all individuals to wear a non-medical mask or face covering in situations where physical distancing is a challenge, including crowded outdoor spaces.” ….

    Nowhere does it deal with “Fashion statements”.

  • Tria

    What a silly article. Masks are required indoors and everywhere I’ve gone this has been respected. Outdoors, practicing social distancing is encouraged.

  • Steve

    I’ve not heard that masks should be worn in the outdoors, as long as social distancing is observed. When did wearing a mask outdoors become a requirement?

    Editor’s note: Wearing a mask outdoors is not a requirement; our view was that it was the responsible thing to do – especially when you understand geometric progression:

  • Bonnie Beaudry

    This irresponsibility and selfishness is why my husband and I remain virtual prisoners in our own home. As much as we would love to go out and enjoy the fresh air, and mingle with other human beings like everyone else, we cannot, as the risk and cost to our health is too high. Those of us who are burdened with serious underlying or chronic conditions, can’t enjoy the freedom others seem entitled to. If only they would wear a mask. It’s a simple thing, to respect others, to express empathy and concern towards your fellow citizens. This pandemic has peeled back and exposed the true character of certain people, and it is apparently without compassion.
    Thank you to those who do wear a mask when out and about. We appreciate your cooperation.

  • Steve W

    I’m all in favour of masks but I dont believe the bylaw requires you to wear outside.

  • Bob Thibeau

    The city’s mask bylaw states that mask must be worn in all indoor buildings and on public transportation. The pictures associated with this article are all outdoors where mask are not required but appropriate physical distancing is

  • Gil

    Respectfully, it’s an indoor mask bylaw and the photos are all outdoors? That makes no sense. I own my own business and every customer has been abiding by the bylaw. Every store I enter, people put on their mask. Grocery store, LCBO, other retail stores. I honestly haven’t seen anyone not wearing one inside. LCBO line as recently as Friday. Everyone in line outside was 6 feet apart. Some of us put our mask on while waiting, others put it on as they were about to enter. It’s an indoor bylaw, why would you expect people to be wearing them on the “streets of the city”?

  • Penny Hersh

    We will pay for this in about 2-3 weeks as the virus numbers spike in Burlington.

    A healthy population = a healthy business environment. Not the other way around.