Mayor has soothing words for a troubled sector of the local economy - 'our beloved restaurants'

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

June 17th, 2020



In the eyes of the Mayor the provincial reopening strategy, will allow “our beloved restaurants” to welcome customers again to dine on-site – just in time for summer!

In her most recent Better Burlington Newsletter the Mayor explains that: “While indoor dining is not yet permitted, outdoor patios will be permitted to open for businesses as of this Friday, June 19th for those who are ready to reopen.

“I know our restaurant owners have been deeply engaged in the health and safety guidelines that will help them reopen in ways that keep our community health, such as the Dinesafe reopening guide and checklist from the Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association and the comprehensive guidelines set out by the Province.

west plains bistro

Will that parking lot become a pop up patio quick quick

“To help our local restaurants manage provincial guidelines on physical distancing and serve as many customers as possible, the City of Burlington is working hard to enable patio expansions and pop-ups.

“Our teams have been working with the Burlington Restaurant Association over the past month to better understand their interest and needs so we could be ready to quickly work together on this initiative with a one-time detailed application form and an accelerated approval process.

“Restaurants can apply for patio permits that leverage city space downtown such as sidewalks or streets, and permits that expand into private property such as parking lots (in partnership with landlords) anywhere in the city.

“I know we are all looking forward to spending time outside together in a new and safely distanced way, and supporting our restaurants and small business owners who are very excited to see us again.

The Province’s framework for reopening includes additional details on this stage:

Food trucks

Will food trucks fill some of the outdoor gap?

Restaurants, bars, food trucks and other food and drink establishments (e.g., wineries, breweries and distilleries) can open for dining in outdoor areas only, such as patios, curbside, parking lots and adjacent premises.

Establishments must take appropriate measures to ensure physical distancing of at least two metres between patrons from different households, including:

using reservations

limiting number of patrons allowed in the outdoor space at one time

ensuring enough space between tables, including to allow for movement

access to indoor facilities is limited to patio/outdoor dining area access, food pickup, payment, washrooms or other health and safety purposes

The big question is: Are you going to be able to get a table? Many people are about to find out just how much that restaurateur loves them.

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