Mayor studying to earn a Chartered Director designation - doesn't reveal who is paying for the expensive course.

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February 25th, 2020



At a Standing Committee earlier in the month we thought we heard Mayor Marianne Meed Ward say that she was taking a course on governance. It was a passing comment.

We follow up with a note to the Mayors communications aide and asked where she was taking the course and who was paying for the course – they aren’t cheap.

Meed Ward with chain Sept 23-19

The Mayor is studying for the designation of Chartered Director.

Monday evening the Mayor said that she was studying for a Chartered Director designation. She made no other comment.

The Mayor’s communications aide told the Gazette earlier this month that: “This is being paid for privately and will have zero impact on the taxpayers of Burlington.”

Who is privately? If the Mayor is receiving a benefit for something directly related to her work the public has a right to know where the money for the benefit is coming from.

This is not to suggest that there is anything untoward going on.

Our view is that first: Congratulations to the Mayor for deciding to take the course – it is not an easy course – there are a lot of people who register, attend the classes but find that they haven’t don’t the work needed to be able to pass the examination.

Before being accepted into the course an assessment based on five key areas which are central to organizational direction and governance.

  • Vision, Purpose, Values and Ethics
  • Strategic Thinking and Stakeholder Management
  • Delegation to Management
  • Discharging your Duties as a Director and as a Competent Member of a Collective and Responsible Body
  • Exercising Effective and Accountable Leadership 

This is not an easy undertaking.

The Mayor may have been given a scholarship, who gave it to her?

Burlington is going to be better off with a Mayor who has the designation.

It would have been better for the city to have paid the fees. Sure a lot of people would have howled. Meed Ward will be a much better Mayor – she already is – due to what she has learned.

This is all a little awkward – being a public person means you are always in the public eye – usually because that is what successful politicians do for a living.

For the time being the public is going to have to accept that the Mayor is getting some valuable training that will benefit all of us which is paid for by – we don’t know who.

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4 comments to Mayor studying to earn a Chartered Director designation – doesn’t reveal who is paying for the expensive course.

  • Rob Allan

    Like any successful business, I would expect the City to invest in its staff and have the budget to pay for training/education.

  • Perryb

    This is not to suggest that anything is going on, so we’ll imply, rather then suggest. Or perhaps remark that any organization that is on the ball invests in its human resources

  • Jake

    Privately means she’s probably paying for it herself. Why do you always have to make such a conspiracy theory over everything?

  • Carol Gottlob

    When does this woman sleep?! (meant in kindness).
    Perhaps this should become a requirement for future mayors?