Mayor succeeds in keeping the budget below 3%

Budget 2018 ICONBy Pepper Parr

February 28th, 2019



The tax increase for the 2019 budget will be 2.99%.

They did it.

Moment she became Mayor

Marianne Meed Ward – just sworn in as Mayor. And today she got her first budget approved.

The Operations budget is set at $165,960,609.

The Fire Chief didn’t get his $50,000 drone but the Manager/Supervisor of the bylaw enforcement team did get $35,000 for a car.

There were some incredible decisions made – those people who live below the poverty line are going to be able to get bus passes that will allow them to use transit totally free of charge.

More detail later today – council is getting ready to wind up – talking through some Staff Directions they would like staff to work at and think about.

We have a Mayor who worked hard to bring her colleagues with her and challenged staff to look at the way funds are used differently.

The decision made at the Standing Committee is just a recommendation – it can be changed at the city council meeting at the end of March.

Council without mayor

A new council produced a budget that will surprise man.


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3 comments to Mayor succeeds in keeping the budget below 3%

  • Alfred

    Inflation rate in January was 1.4%. taxes are going up 2.9% Am I missing something here ? Everybody seems so happy. Why?

  • Allen Jones

    Tom to your point – Ya,, “save one.” and he needs to be watched ….. but perhaps he will change too – anyone wanna bet?

  • Tom Muir

    And they told us it couldn’t be done.

    Oh yeah, those guys are gone, save one.

    Look closely, and despite less, you see many good things more.