Meed Ward has her Smart Car Coffee Confidential conversation with Burchill.

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

June 15th, 2018



Now that the province is beginning to get used to the Premier designate and the city can get on with enjoying the Sound of Music and weather that ranges from pleasant to stinking hot.

Next up is the municipal election that will take place October 22nd.

James Burchill, the lad that drives around town in a Smart Car getting out for coffee and a conversation.
He interviews all kinds of people including the three candidates for the Office of Mayor.

He did interviews of the current Mayor, Rick Goldring, then an interview with Mike Wallace, a former city Councillor and a former MP for Burlington.

The most recent, which is set out below for your viewing pleasure, is Burchill’s interview with Marianne Meed Ward.

Three very different people. We have provided links to the Goldring and Wallace interviews – gives you a chance to see who wants to lead the city. You are the one who gets to decide.

The 2018 election is going to be a lot different than the 2014 election when every member of the 2010 Council was returned to office.

Burchill has an easy, natural conversation style and lets the person being interviewed do the talking.  Goldring and Wallace seemed a little apprehensive.  My take on the Meed Ward interview is that Burchill was flirting with her – but have to be the judge of that.

Bookmark this story and come back to it in October.  Which one do you think can best lead the city

The other interviews:

Goldring interview

A Wallace interview

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1 comment to Meed Ward has her Smart Car Coffee Confidential conversation with Burchill.

  • SteveW

    Totally flirting with each other. When she leaned in to look in the back, when she was getting out of the car, I thought they were going to kiss at first. Great interview though. I hope she is our next mayor.